Two Years of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 8th, 2023
PRESS CONTACT: McKenzie Wilson, [email protected], 773-715-0169


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Next Wednesday marks the two-year anniversary of President Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This legislation has invested $15.6 billion dollars to modernize California’s roads, bridges, public transit, ports, and airports, and $2 billion dollars to improve California’s water infrastructure.

Ahead of the anniversary, Building Back Together Executive Director Mayra Macías released the following statement:

“Over the past two years, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has become a driving force behind infrastructure development, job creation, and environmental sustainability. Since its enactment, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has created new high-paying and union job opportunities all across the country and fueled a manufacturing renaissance not seen in a generation.

But perhaps most of all, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a testament to the power of bipartisan cooperation and the potential to address pressing challenges. As we celebrate its two-year anniversary, we look forward to continued progress and the enduring impact it will have on our nation for generations to come.”

California is already seeing major impacts thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed into law by President Biden:

  • About 2,522,000 Californian households are saving on their monthly internet bill thanks to the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • $278.8 million has been invested to remove California’s lead pipes throughout the state. According to the National Resources Defense Council, there are an estimated 65,000 lead service lines in the state.
  • California has seen the largest dedicated investment to its roads and bridges since the creation of the interstate highway system. In California, there are 1,547 bridges and more than 8,715 miles of highway in poor condition — and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has already made more than $12.1 billion in investments for roads, bridges, and other major road safety projects.

Read more about the impacts of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in local media:

Sierra Sun Times: Biden-Harris Administration Launches New Large-Scale Water Recycling Program with $180 Million from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Department of the Interior on Thursday announced the launch of a new large-scale water recycling program and made $180 million in initial funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law available for projects aimed at creating new water supplies that are less vulnerable to drought and climate change.

The Union Democrat: Calaveras County company gets $15.2 million federal loan for high-speed internet

A Copperopolis-based company is getting a $15.2 million loan to improve high-speed internet access through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law championed by President Joe Biden… Calaveras Telephone Co., also known as CalTel, was announced Monday as one of two companies from California selected to receive a loan or grant out of nearly $700 million that were awarded for projects in 22 states. The loan to CalTel will benefit 2,496 people ,13 businesses, three farms and one educational facility in Calaveras County.

The Record-Bee: Thompson announces $155 million for State Route 37 from bipartisan infrastructure law

This week, Rep. Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena) announced that the project to elevate part of State Route 37 is receiving $155 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.