By building winning coalitions, Building Back Together advances the policy agenda of the Biden-Harris Administration and effectively communicates the positive impacts of these critical policies to the American people.

Our name is intentional: we can’t do this work alone. We partner with organizations to achieve policy successes and work together to communicate with the American people how the Biden-Harris Administration’s agenda is improving lives in communities across the country.

BBT is uniquely positioned to achieve this goal

  • We are the only group dedicated to advancing the Biden-Harris Administration’s policy agenda.

  • We are the only group that’s led by former Biden operatives and knows the message and the mission inside and out.

Our Tactics

BBT is getting the job done by:

  • Convening organizations to partner on coordinated campaigns at the local, state and national level 
  • Creating usable resources like message research, guidance, and tools
  • Investing in innovative digital strategies and partnerships
  • Developing effective advertising campaigns

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