Today: Fourth Round Of Child Tax Credit Payments Delivered To Millions Of American Families Thanks To President Biden’s Leadership


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BBT Releases NEW Video “Alex” Highlighting the Impact of Checks to Families

Families weigh in: “I’ve just been able not to stress,” “That money is really going to help a lot,” “Any extra always helps.”

Washington, D.C. — Today, the fourth round of direct payments is being delivered to millions of families across America thanks to the expansion of the Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan. This historic tax cut is now reaching roughly 60 million eligible children, is projected to cut child poverty in half, and has helped families across the country make ends meet as the country emerges from a historic pandemic. 

Building Back Together is highlighting families who have received the expanded Child Tax Credit in a new video, “Alex,” in which a father speaks about his family’s experience being able to pay for “things that we need” thanks to the Child Tax Credit, and how he’d tell President Biden that the program’s “value is way higher than the dollar amount.” 

“Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats in Congress who single handedly passed the American Rescue Plan into law, nearly all working families are receiving major tax relief to help pay for essentials like groceries, child care, school supplies, and more,” said Building Back Together Executive Director Danielle Melfi. “As families across the country are seeing, when Democrats lead, they deliver. We’ll continue the fight to ensure that the President’s Build Back Better Agenda to lower costs becomes reality and makes this historic tax relief for working and middle class families permanent.”

The expanded Child Tax Credit by the numbers:

  • Provides up to $300 per eligible child every month — or $3,600 per year.

  • Expected to cut child poverty by more than half.

  • Delivers payments to roughly 35 million households with approximately 60 million eligible children.

  • Deeply popular with American families and is supported by nearly 6 in 10 adults


Highlights of the Child Tax Credit delivering for families across the country:


New Hampshire Union Leader: ​​As child tax credit is debated in Washington, Nashua mom says it’s making a difference

“​​As Congress debates extending the expanded child tax credit as part of the Democrats’ social spending bill, one Nashua mom is feeling the impact the credit has made in her life. “I’ve just been able not to stress,” said Krystle Urban, mother of Ryder, 11, and Axel, who is almost 4. ‘I’m not stressing like, ‘what bill do I pay? Do I pay my cell phone bill, or make sure we have internet, or keep the lights on?’’ Urban said the child tax credit is helping to keep her in the workforce.”

Las Vegas Sun: Nevada families feel impact of advance child tax credit

“Truss said she and her husband, Willie, both make ‘fairly decent money.’ She works in a hospital system’s financial department, and he is a government employee. ‘The economy has just gotten progressively harder to raise a family,’ Alana said. The monthly $250 the couple get for their son, Isaiah, 14, has helped with rent, groceries, gasoline and other ‘little expenses.’ Alana said. ‘Just having that extra money helps out,’ she said.”

KVOA: ​​Arizona families receive child tax credit

“Tens of thousands of families in Arizona will be getting more money every month thanks to an expanded child tax credit that is part of the American Rescue Plan…It’s a new monthly tax credit that the Biden Administration says it hopes will end child poverty and help working families like Leah Variano, a single mom who lives in Tucson. ‘It’s awesome. I have a four-year-old who is very into dance and soccer and every activity that there is so any extra always helps,’ said Leah Variano.

Georgia Public Radio: Georgia Parents Tell Sen. Warnock Child Tax Credit Is Helping

“An extra $300 a month gives Columbus mother Carnitra Cannon-Tillman a little breathing room. The 40-year-old was laid off from her job at Aflac during the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing her household to one income. Her 2-year-old daughter, Cairo Tillman, has a speech delay and is in therapy twice a week. Some of the extra money the family receives from the expanded Child Tax Credit goes towards purchasing books and helping their little girl. ‘It can get costly just trying to build their speech, build things up academically,’ Cannon-Tillman said. ‘It’s been very helpful for us to have that little cushion.’”

Up North News: Wisconsin Families Seeing Benefits Two Months Into Child Tax Credit Expansion

“When the Stanleys initially heard about it, they’d planned to use that money to pay off debt and build up their savings. Now they’ve found a more immediate use for it: childcare costs. ‘For us, that money is really going to help a lot,’ Breana Stanley said, noting the childcare bill for Abram will total $194 weekly. Lennon will turn 5 next month and will attend 4-year-old kindergarten classes this school year.”