One Year Since Inauguration, President Biden Is Making Good on His Commitments to America


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In first year, President has made tremendous progress delivering on core goals outlined in inaugural address

WASHINGTON, D.C.One year ago today, President Joe Biden was sworn into office and delivered his inaugural address, outlining the challenges ahead for the country, and what he would do to take them on. The President noted that “few periods in our nation’s history have been more challenging or difficult than the one we’re in now,” saying “millions of jobs have been lost,” and “hundreds of thousands of businesses closed.”

The President didn’t only outline the challenges, he spoke about what he would do to take them on – that with unity, Americans can do great things: 

“With unity we can do great things. Important things. We can right wrongs. We can put people to work in good jobs. We can teach our children in safe schools. We can overcome this deadly virus. We can reward work, rebuild the middle class, and make health care secure for all. We can deliver racial justice. We can make America, once again, the leading force for good in the world.”

One year later, the Biden-Harris Administration has made tremendous strides, including fueling a historic economic recovery, implementing an unprecedented vaccine program, getting Americans back to work, and passing major pieces of economic legislation, including the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. He also hasn’t taken his foot off the gas, continuing to work to drive down prices, fight the pandemic, and finish the job to pass the Build Back Better Act. 

President Biden promised to deliver for Americans, and is making enormous progress only one year into his first term. And he’s not stopping there, because he knows there’s more to do to put working and middle class families first.


Getting Shots in Arms

President Biden’s Action:

  • Over 513 million vaccine doses have been administered across the country.
  • Nearly 75 percent of adults are vaccinated, including 88 percent of seniors as well as 19 million kids.

Safely Re-Opening Our Schools

President Biden’s Action

  • $122 billion in American Rescue Plan funding was allocated to address the impacts COVID had on K-12 education to ensure schools were able to re-open safely and effectively.
  • Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, schools have funds to access COVID tests for teachers, staff, and students, improve ventilation systems, purchase PPE, hire more staff, reduce class sizes for social distancing, and more.



Creating Good-Paying Jobs

President Biden’s Action: Since President Biden took office, under his economic plan:

  • The United States has added over 6 million jobs — the greatest year of job growth in American history.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped from 6.3 percent when President Biden took office to 3.9 percent — falling at the fastest rate in 50 years. Economists projected it would take us until the end of 2026 to reach this level.
  • Weekly jobless claims are down over 70 percent since President Biden took office — from over 800,000 to 230,000.
  • Economic growth is the highest it has been in forty years, with the economy growing almost twice as fast as the best year under the last administration.

Supporting Small Businesses

President Bidens’ Action: President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law which:

  • Delivered relief to hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country, including over 100,000 restaurants, to help keep doors open and workers on payroll.
  • Distributed more than $50 billion to small businesses, including $7 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program and $28 billion for restaurants hit hard by the pandemic. 
  • As a result, business formation is up at a “record pace” with applications for new small businesses up 30% from before the pandemic.

Delivering Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

President Bidens’ Action: The American Rescue Plan delivered significant tax cuts for working and middle class Americans, including:

  • An expanded earned income tax credit to include more workers and provide nearly three times the previous benefit amount, assisting over 17 million workers.



Creating Good-Paying Jobs

President Biden’s Action: President Biden showed that it’s possible to break through gridlock in Washington and work across the aisle to find unity and common ground in order to get things done.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law:

  • Boosts economic growth and creates millions of good-paying jobs, brings supply chains and manufacturing back to the U.S., and makes our country more competitive so we are positioned to win the race for the 21st century.
  • Creates a generation of good-paying, union jobs by fixing roads and bridges, replacing dangerous lead pipes to ensure our kids have clean drinking water, modernizing our electric grid, and making the largest investment in electric vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing in American history.
  • Delivers the largest-ever federal investments in public transit and clean drinking water, in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak, in roads and bridges since the construction of the interstate highway system, and the creation of universal Internet access for American households.
  • Levels the playing field and creates economic opportunity for working people and communities of color by rectifying economic disparities and decades of disinvestment.



Securing Quality, Affordable Health Care

President Biden’s Action: 

  • President Biden’s American Rescue Plan cut health care premiums by over 40 percentfor millions of Americans who signed up for healthcare on, expanding access to affordable, quality health care.
  • The American Rescue Plan’s increased health care subsidies are estimated to cover 2.5 million people who otherwise would have been uninsured.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration is also implementing bipartisan legislation to protect Americans from the burden of surprise medical bills and help lower health care costs.

Leading on Climate Change

President Biden’s Action: 

  • Restored American climate leadership and rejoined the Paris Climate Accords
  • Committed to cut U.S. emissions at least in half by 2030 and protect 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030
  • Accelerated the deployment of clean energy like offshore wind to create good-paying jobs
  • Launched the Justice40 Initiative to ensure that 40 percent of benefits from federal climate investments go to communities disproportionately impacted by environmental harm

Fighting for Racial Justice

President Biden’s Action: The President has ensured the economic recovery has reached communities of color:

  • The unemployment rate for Black Americans has fallen from 9.2 percent in January 2021 to 7.1 percent in December 2021.
  • The unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has fallen from 8.6 percent in January 2021 to 4.9 percent in December 2021.
  • The unemployment rate for Asian Americans has fallen from 6.6 percent in January 2021 to 3.8 percent in December 2021.

And he has ensured the vaccine rollout has reached communities of color across the country:

President Biden has also:

  • Instructed the Department of Justice to not renew contracts with privately run prisons.
  • Directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to correct the previous Administration’s efforts to undermine fair housing policies.
  • Announced a federal purchasing power plan to send $100 billion to small businesses owned by people of color.
  • Signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.
  • Built the most diverse Cabinet in American history, and more.

And, President Biden’s Department of Justice has:

  • Banned the use of chokeholds and carotid restraints except where deadly force is necessary at the federal level.
  • Withdrawn prosecutorial guidance issued by the previous administration to always charge the harshest sentences.
  • Pledged not to renew contracts for privately-operated prisons.

Provided Critical Relief to Immigrant Communities

President Biden’s Action:

  • Extended relief to more than 300,000 immigrants by extending Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans, Haitians, Hondurans, and Nicaraguans, and designatedTemporary Protected Status for Venezuelans.
  • 2,234 families have been reunited since President Biden took office and more are currently in the process of being reunited with their families after the previous administration separated almost 4,000 children from their families.
  • Restarted the Central American Minors Program so children can be reunited with their families without needing to make the dangerous journey to the U.S. border.