Madison Mayor Rhodes-Conway, White House Senior Advisor Landrieu Celebrate Two Years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 14, 2023

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, at a press conference celebrating the two year anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu celebrated two years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in Madison, Wisconsin. 

“It’s very clear to me that the work that local governments do is the underpinning of our economy. We create the infrastructure, literally and figuratively, that supports economic growth and development. And that supports good family-supporting jobs. That supports folks being able to start and grow a business and the investments that this administration — that President Biden has made — into local governments make that continued work possible,” Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said on the press call. “Not only are we building things that need to be built, we’re also helping to support our local economy and through that the economy of the state of Wisconsin and of the United States of America, and I’m very proud to be a part of that. And I’m very grateful again to the President, the Vice President for making this work possible.”

“The President has said that if the public sector shows up, the private sector is gonna show up too and the proof will be in the pudding. And of course we see that happening in a big way: our investments have incentivized the private sector in Wisconsin to put up $2 billion,” said White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Mitch Landrieu. “Let me just give you a couple examples. Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals is investing $220 million for a drug manufacturing facility outside of Madison, which is going to create 250 jobs. Georgia Pacific is investing $500 million dollars to expand its Green Bay paper-related production facility which is going to create 100 jobs. And WEC Energy Group is investing 426 million for Wisconsin’s first large-scale solar battery storage project outside of Milwaukee.”

“Building Back Together was a critical part of the diverse and broad coalition that worked to get the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed. Our coalition includes labor climate groups, progressive organizations, national groups, state-based organizations, civil rights and youth organizations to name a few. A year after the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we were very lucky to partner with over 50 state-based nonprofits to host White House Coordinator Mitch Landrieu and 56 elected officials all across the country to tell the story of impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law” said Mayra Macías, Executive Director of Building Back Together. “The investments of the bipartisan infrastructure law are not only modernizing our country’s infrastructure, they’re transforming lives.”

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Read more about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s impact on the state of Wisconsin on the White House’s Build.Gov website and below:

  • About 922 bridges and 6,976 miles of highway in Wisconsin are in poor condition. With the investments from the Bipartisan Infrastructure law about $5.4 billion will be allocated to recover the roadways over a span of five years.
  • Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, around 413,000 Wisconsin households save on their monthly internet bill thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
  • Around $129.5 million has been invested to remove Wisconsin’s lead pipes throughout the state. Another $66.7 million is invested for safe drinking water to support lead pipe replacement.
  • In a state where non-white households are 5.9 times more likely to commute on public transit, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has allocated $237.1 million to improve public transportation between 2022 and 2023. 


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