ICYMI: MAGA Republicans Threaten To Send Manufacturing Jobs Overseas

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, President Biden visited Accokeek, Maryland to meet with members of International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 77 and outline the ways that the Biden-Harris agenda is creating opportunities for local economies. This agenda to create jobs and lower costs is in sharp contrast to the MAGA alternative, which would repeal the biggest investments in American manufacturing in decades, sending good-paying jobs overseas. 

Since President Biden took office, more than $435 billion in private sector manufacturing investments have been made nationwide, creating more than 800,000 manufacturing jobs – including more than 100,000 jobs since he signed the Inflation Reduction Act alone according to an analysis from Climate Power. MAGA Republicans’ radical budget plans would undo this progress and send these manufacturing jobs overseas.

Read more about the president’s remarks in Maryland:

The Hill: ‘Blueprint to devastate hard-working American families:’ White House bashes House GOP proposal

The White House on Thursday reiterated calls for House Republicans to avoid default and stop playing economic brinkmanship. President Biden visited a union training facility in Maryland on Wednesday to contrast his economic vision with that of House Republicans after McCarthy spoke on Wall Street earlier this week.

Spectrum News: As House GOP previews debt limit plan, Biden contrasts economic vision

As Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., unveiled his conference’s proposal to raise the country’s debt limit, President Joe Biden spoke to union workers in Maryland to paint a stark contrast between his economic proposals and those put forth by House Republicans. “You and the American people should know about the competing economic visions of the country that are really at stake right now,” Biden said Wednesday.

AP: Biden blasts GOP ‘wacko notions’ amid debt limit standoff

President Joe Biden lambasted Republicans’ emerging trade-off plans to raise the nation’s debt limit only in exchange for spending cuts and other policy concessions on Wednesday, declaring that GOP lawmakers are threatening a historic default on U.S. obligations “unless I agree to all these wacko notions they have.”

Washington Post: Biden rejects GOP spending cuts, warns of catastrophic government default

President Biden on Wednesday rejected a Republican plan to slash government spending and raise the debt limit, assailing the proposals as “wacko” notions that would cause a catastrophic government default… “We’ve never ever defaulted on the debt. It would destroy this economy. And who do you think will hurt the most? You hard-working people, the middle class, the neighborhoods I got raised in — not the superwealthy and the powerful, but working folks,” Biden said. To McCarthy and Republicans, the president added: “Take default off the table. And let’s have a real serious detailed conversation about how to grow the economy, lower costs and reduce the deficit.”


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