Gas Prices Are Falling Thanks to President Biden

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden has taken immediate steps to lower the price of items families depend on and cut everyday costs, including at the gas pump. From directing the FTC to investigate anti-consumer behavior by oil and gas companies to bringing together countries to stabilize oil prices and releasing 50 millions barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, his actions have helped gas prices fall, giving families more room to breathe.

Gas prices are falling just as we head into winter and the holiday travel season, thanks to President Biden:

  • ABC: “Two weeks after President Biden announced he was tapping into the nation’s oil reserve, fuel prices now coming down […] Prices expected to continue to drop.”
  • CNN: “Finally some relief: Gasoline and natural gas prices are falling”
  • CNN: “Cooling energy prices, if they last, could take significant inflationary pressure off the U.S. economy and inspire confidence among bummed out consumers.”
  • Fox Business: “Gas prices nationwide likely to drop even further, expert say”
  • The New York Times: “Sinking natural gas prices are a sign of hope for household winter heating bills.”

Americans across the country are seeing the immediate impact of the President’s work to bring down costs — in their local news and at the pump: 

  • Record Herald: “AAA: Gas prices lower in Ohio”
  • FOX35: “Florida gas prices dropping: How low it’s expected to go”
  • WKRC: “Gas prices drop in Cincinnati, across the country”
  • ABC15 Arizona: “Gas prices expected to go down soon around the state, according to experts”
  • NBC10 Philadelphia: “Gas Prices Dropping Just in Time for the Holidays”
  • ABC27: “A decrease in gas prices for Midstate drivers can bring a sigh of relief Christmas season”