Florida Congressman Darren Soto, White House Senior Advisor Landrieu Celebrate Two Years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2023

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, at a press conference celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Congressman Darren Soto and White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu celebrated two years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law at a press conference. 

“We’re building back together and we’re helping keep Central Florida booming. You see all across the district and across Central Florida, there’s not a direction you can look and where you don’t see a crane and some construction happening. Because of the great work being done. For instance, we see at the airport, a $69 million project in terminal C, this is one of the greatest new terminals in the world. And as a tourism mecca, it’s absolutely critical for us. So we’re seeing eight new great gates, we’re also seeing a pedestrian bridge,” said Congressman Darren Soto on the press call. “[Thanks to] President Biden, and with Congress, including the House Democrats, to help Central Florida as a high growth state. So that we’re protecting our quality of life, we’re creating high paying jobs, many of them are union jobs, even in a state like Florida, that’s a challenge, and also looking towards the future […] We want to make sure we are building 21st-century infrastructure to keep Florida moving forward.” 

“So far, just in the last two years, we’ve hit the ground running […] We’ve announced over $400 billion for 40,000 projects that are going across 4500 communities, in every state in every territory,” said White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Mitch Landrieu on the press call. “You are witnessing as we speak, the transformation of America through the investment of infrastructure […] Putting people back to work with high paying jobs to give them dignity, and to help them build generational wealth […] We will build an economy that’s fairer, that includes more people, that uses products that are made in America, that builds things that are more climate resilient […] and that produces high paying, union jobs because the unions built the middle class and the middle class built this country.“

“Building Back Together was lucky enough to partner with the coordinator Landrieu and over 50 state-based nonprofit organizations, including several in Florida, to tell the story of the impact of this infrastructure law,” said Mayra Macías, Executive Director of Building Back Together. “Making sure that we’re uplifting the voices of folks getting union jobs because of this law and mothers being able to provide clean water to their children. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law powers these stories and powers America forward.”

Press can request a full copy of the recorded, on-the-record call by emailing [email protected]

Read more about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s impact on the state of Florida on the White House’s Build.Gov website and below:

  • Delivers $8.1 billion in federal funding to repair roads and bridges which includes $7.7 billion for highways and $158 million for bridge replacement and repairs to address the over 3,144 miles of highway and 455 bridges in poor condition in Florida.
  • Improves healthy, sustainable transportation options, including by investing $1.1 billion in 2023 for public transit and $113.7 million to expand Florida’s network of EV charging stations.
  • Brings high-speed internet access to over 1.5 million Florida households enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps low-income families afford internet access.  
  • Invests $800 million to provide clean and safe water across the state and improve water infrastructure, including $366.4  million that can be used to eliminate lead pipes and another $146.8 million for safe drinking water investments.
  • About $284.4 million has been allocated to Florida for clean energy, efficiency, and power. The investments bolster Florida’s power grid and  build thousands of miles of new transmission lines to deliver clean, affordable electricity. 
  • This funding includes $93.6 million for weatherization, $16.8 million through the State Energy Program, and $31.5 million to make the power grid more resilient – with further investments to come.
  • In 2023, Florida received more than $644.6 million for airports and more than $146.6 million in 2023 for ports to upgrade and modernize this critical infrastructure.


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