BBT Executive Director Danielle Melfi on Republican Plan to Eliminate Affordable Health Care Coverage for Millions of Americans

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Building Back Together Executive Director Danielle Melfi released the following statement in response to Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

“Yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson pledged that if Republicans regain control of Congress, they will eliminate the Affordable Care Act. Repealing the Affordable Care Act would mean higher prices and premiums for everyday people, the elimination of protections for more than 100 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, and would kick 21 million Americans off their health care entirely. 

“Senator Johnson is now joining his GOP colleague Senator Rick Scott in proposing a plan that would jack up prices for Americans. Their plan is clear: inflict more pain on families. The consequences of allowing these Republican plans to become reality would be devastating. This news comes on top of Senator Johnson’s colleague announcing an 11-point plan that hikes taxes on half of Americans, with a nonpartisan analysis showing that 97% of Senator Scott’s $100 billion tax increase would be paid for by taxpayers making less than $100,000, in addition to Congressional Republicans’ continued lockstep obstruction of plans to bring down costs of everyday expenses families face – including health care, prescription drug prices, utility bills, child and elder care, and more.”

“While Republicans in Congress continue to line up behind new schemes to raise costs for working and middle class families, President Biden remains laser-focused on lowering the cost of living for families. In addition to building on the Affordable Care Act by lowering health care costs through his American Rescue Plan and fighting to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to using every tool at its disposal to combat costs, from making more goods here in America, to easing supply chain bottlenecks, to promoting fair competition, and more.” 

Read more about Senator Ron Johnson’s plans to raise health care costs and eliminate protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions below:

Washington Post: Sen. Ron Johnson says Obamacare should be repealed if GOP wins power back

  • Sen. Ron Johnson said he wants to see the GOP repeal the Affordable Care Act if his party wins the White House and the House and Senate majorities in 2024, a move that would resurrect a fight that Republicans had waged for nearly a decade, then largely abandoned in 2018.
  • In an interview that aired Monday morning on Breitbart News Radio, Johnson (R-Wis.) said the GOP’s main goal was to obstruct President Biden and Democrats’ agenda until, he hoped, Republicans could win the majorities in the House and Senate in the midterm elections this year.
  • “For example, if we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare — I still think we need to fix our health-care system — we need to have the plan ahead of time so that once we get in office, we can implement it immediately, not knock around like we did last time and fail,” Johnson said, referring to the signature legislation passed under President Barack Obama.
  • Since Biden took office, Obamacare has only grown more popular. The White House announced last year that about 31 million Americans now have health-care coverage through the ACA, a record high since the law was enacted in 2010. About 2.8 million people signed up for Affordable Care Act health plans during an unprecedented, six-month special enrollment period that Biden authorized to help Americans find insurance coverage during the coronavirus pandemic.