FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2021
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Washington, D.C. — Last week, President Biden delivered on his promise to forge consensus and make progress by signing the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law, and continued delivering for the American people with the House passage of the BuildBack Better Act. On the heels of this monumental step forward on legislation that will lower costs, cut taxes for middle and working class families, and ensure the wealthiest Americans finally pay their fair share, advocacy organizations weighed in to celebrate this forward momentum and urge the Senate to send this legislation to President Biden’s desk immediately.

See below for a snapshot of the statements from groups celebrating the House vote to pass the Build Back Better Act and urging the Senate to send this historic legislation to the President’s desk:

Building Back Together: “This week, America took a major step forward on the path to building back better as President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is delivering again with the House passage of the transformative Build Back Better Act. Now, we urge leaders in the Senate to immediately take up and pass this transformational bill that will make the most significant impact on the lives of everyday Americans of any legislation since the New Deal. […] This legislation is hugely popular among the American people because these investments in our families, communities, and economy are critically needed. We look forward to the Senate swiftly passing this historic legislation and sending it to the President’s desk.”

AARP: “Today’s vote is a critical step to help seniors afford the prescription drugs they need. The bill that the House passed today includes meaningful reforms to bring down medication costs: finally allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, preventing prices from rising faster than inflation and adding a hard out-of-pocket cap to Part D. [..] Now we urge the Senate to take up this legislation and move towards a vote quickly. Older Americans have had enough with broken promises of reform – AARP and our nearly 38 million members will continue our fight for prescription drug reform, including taking on Big Pharma, until this bill is signed into law and implemented.”

Accountable.Us: “Simply put, the Senate may not get a chance like this again for decades to cut costs and level the playing field for millions of everyday workers, families and seniors while finally doing something to contain the spiraling climate crisis. It would be nothing short of economic malpractice to squander this opportunity to improve the lives and boost health care access for so many, all because of inconsequential gripes from greedy corporate special interests that have managed to bank billions in profits despite an ongoing pandemic. There is no coherent argument to be made for voting against a tax cut for most Americans just to keep job-outsourcing corporations and a handful of billionaires from paying their fair share, especially after years of the wealthy paying relatively nothing. Build Back Better is the bold and responsible way forward as many Americans continue to struggle to navigate a fragile economic recovery during a pandemic – investments in our kids, seniors, and health care that will pay dividends now and later.”

AFL-CIO: “Generational economic change is in our sights with the House passage of the Build Back Better Act. This is a milestone for working people, and now the Senate must finish the job and send the Build Back Better Act to President Biden’s desk without delay. This bill is one of the most transformative investments in our country’s history. We know that for too long the status quo has benefited the wealthy few and left the majority without access to basic necessities, including high-quality, affordable child and elder care, health care, and housing. This legislation will knock down the barriers that have prevented so many workers, especially women and people of color, from finding high-quality sustainable jobs. […] Now it is the Senate’s turn to act. The AFL-CIO and its 12.5 million members are organizing, we are mobilizing, and we will not rest until the Senate passes the Build BackBetter Act.”

AFSCME: “With House passage of the Build Back Better Act, we as a nation are set to turn a corner. On the other side lies a better and brighter future where our most basic needs — child care, home care, health care and housing — aren’t privileges, but rights. These transformational investments will finally allow us to build back better, helping working families get back on their feet with dignity and strengthening the public services our communities depend on. Through Build Back Better, millions of working families will now be able to afford quality child care and home care; early childhood education will be universal; prescription drug costs will no longer force families to sacrifice groceries or rent for life-saving medicines; and affordable housing can start to become a reality. We cannot turn this corner towards a better future without the Senate. There is no reason for delay and there is no time for quibbling or partisan games. Working people have waited long enough. The Senate must do its job for the American people and pass the Build BackBetter Act as soon as possible.”

American Federation of Teachers: “For too many families in America, life has been an endless cycle of barely making ends meet and gut-wrenching decisions—piecing together jobs, child and elder care, school, housing, prescription costs, healthcare and transportation, while living with the constant fear of a medical emergency or other unplanned expense. And the pandemic has only exacerbated these fears. We hear this all the time from our members—nurses, bus drivers, public employees, teachers—many of whom are parents and had hoped their jobs would land them in the middle class. The truth is, our economy has very few systems to address these kitchen-table issues to help systemically advantage regular working people, and the Trump administration only made it worse when it took away the state and local tax deduction, double taxing many in the middle class. […] Now the Senate must follow the House’s lead in passing this bill, demonstrate to the American voters that their government is ready to work, and turn the page to make every investment possible that will give a future to our families and help recreate a middle class in America. This cannot wait.”

Americans for Tax Fairness: “The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) passed tonight by the House of Representatives will cut costs and increase incomes for working families and lower the risks of catastrophic climate events, funded with fairer taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Both the investments and the tax reforms move us closer to an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. This is the greatest victory for regular Americans at least since passage of the Affordable Care Act over a decade ago—and perhaps since the Great Society of the 1960s. The roughly $1.5 trillion raised through tax reforms and improved enforcement targeting the wealthy is the boldest step in recent history to ensure the rich and corporations pay their fair share. No one making under $400,000 will pay higher taxes as a result of the bill. The Build Back Better Act sounds the death knell for the orthodoxy of trickle-down economics that’s dominated our politics and plagued our society for the past 40 years. The BBBA will make it easier for hard-pressed families to afford essential services like healthcare, childcare, eldercare, housing, and college. It will lower the costs of those and other services while at the same time raising the incomes of working people through expanded tax credits.”

America’s Voice: “Today, the House Democrats took decisive and bold action by approving the Build Back Better Act. This is a huge achievement. We salute the work of Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats for producing this major breakthrough.   The House BBB bill included significant immigration reforms. The core provision provides work permits and deportation protections to undocumented immigrants for 10 years – for those who have lived in the U.S. for more than a decade. This is not the path to citizenship we came for, but we support this measure because it dramatically improves the status quo. In addition, we sincerely believe it is a significant step towards our goal of citizenship for all. This bill will change lives.”

The Arc: “This plan is major progress in our country doing what we know is right: putting vital dollars behind something that really should never come with a price tag – basic humanity. People with disabilities, families, and the direct support professionals who support them are struggling to persevere through the hardest of times while suffering in unprecedented ways…Build Back Better expands access to services for people with disabilities on waiting lists and starts addressing the direct care workforce crisis, including raising wages and creating more jobs. We need this plan – and more, and we urge the Senate to move swiftly and further humanize this deal, by adding more funding for HCBS.”

A Better Balance: “We applaud today’s House passage of the Build Back Better Act. With four weeks of paid family and medical leave that will cover all workers, as well as important investments and support for our childcare infrastructure and home-based care services, this package represents a bold set of policies that will provide critical relief and a permanent safety net for workers across the country who are struggling to maintain their health, care for their loved ones, and maintain their economic security. We thank our leaders in the House for working to pass such a strong piece of legislation, and especially those who fought for the inclusion of paid leave, including Speaker Pelosi, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Neal, and Representative DeLauro. Now, the Senate must take up the Build Back Better Act and ensure its swift passage.”

BlueGreen Alliance: “This is historic! The BlueGreen Alliance was founded on the principle that we do not have to choose between good jobs and a clean environment; the Build BackBetter Act is proof that we can and must have both. This bill will create millions of good-paying union jobs across the country while reducing the emissions driving climate change, positioning the U.S. as a leader in the clean economy, and making our communities and infrastructure safer and more resilient in the face of the climate impacts we are already seeing. It is critical that the Senate move quickly to pass this bill and send it to the president’s desk.”

Century Foundation: “With the House passage of the Build Back Better Act, we move one step closer to enacting transformational investments in American workers, families, and our economy that will lower costs for average Americans, create more jobs, and cut taxes for low- and middle-income families. The Senate now has the opportunity to pass legislation that would change the lives of tens of millions of Americans for the better. Passage of Build Back Better would result in every family in America gaining access to affordable child care options for their children, in addition to enacting long-sought universal free preschool for three- and four-year olds, particularly at a time when prices for basic goods are rising for average Americans. It will make significant investments in maternal health care to address our alarmingly high rates of maternal mortality, particularly for Black mothers. And it will help fill the resource gap for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), strengthen manufacturing communities, create equitable and quality job training opportunities, provide additional relief to working families and students, and so many other positive outcomes.”

Chispa: “Communities of color are disproportionately exposed to harmful air pollution and have been waiting for immigration solutions for decades. This historic Framework addresses these inequities and advances environmental justice as part of the Biden-Harris administration’s Justice40 goals, as well as adds significant funding to address the needs of our nation’s undocumented and historically excluded communities.”

CLASP: “Today’s passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of the Build Back Better Act is an historic investment in our country’s children, young people, workers, and families. Build Back Better will strengthen the nation’s economy and secure a more equitable future for people with low incomes, communities of color, and immigrant families. By sharply reducing poverty, investing in long undervalued caregiving, and increasing access to good jobs and educational opportunities, the legislation offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to vastly expand economic opportunity and advance racial and gender equity[…]As we celebrate and uplift this important step, we urge the Senate to move quickly to deliver this urgent relief to our nation. We urge Senate approval as soon as possible.”

Climate Power: “This is it. This is our climate moment. House Democrats came together and voted to lower energy prices, create more good-paying jobs, support disadvantaged communities and take on the economic devastation of climate change. The Build BackBetter Act is a win-win-win — for our economy, our families and future generations. Every community in the country will feel the benefits of the Build Back Better Act and that’s why voters need this historic bill to pass before the end of the year. It’s time for the Senate to get this done. Let’s go.”

Community Catalyst: “We applaud the House for passing legislation that would make historic and transformative investments to improve people’s health and advance health equity. The Build Back Better Act represents the most significant advancement for people’s health since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. […] The House has done its part to support and improve the health, economic security and well-being of people across the nation. Now the Senate must follow suit and immediately pass the House version of the Build Back Better Act and deliver the President’s landmark legislation to his desk.”

Community Change Action: “We are closer than ever to creating an economy that works for all of us, no matter where we were born. Together, movements composed of low-income families of color across the country have pushed their members of Congress to raise the standard of living for all of us. Key policies in the Build Back Better Act would transform our child care system and recognize the value of care work, drastically reduce child and family poverty, treat housing as a human right with investments in affordable housing, protect immigrants and break the hold the wealthy have had on our tax system for far too long. […] We urge the Senate to swiftly pass the Build Back Better bill without any further cuts to investments for families, and with green cards for millions of immigrants as originally instructed in the budget resolution. Life-saving child tax credits, women’s economic opportunity, long-overdue protections for immigrants, housing security, and the future of our economy are on the line.”

Corazón Latino: “The House of Representatives has advanced one of America’s most significant pieces of legislation in history, Build Back Better, that includes robust social spending plans that will transform our country by putting families and Madre Tierra first. Investments will reach all of our regions to provide support where it is needed most. In Arizona, Build Back Better will bring good green jobs that will help mitigate climate change while creating affordable housing solutions and supporting kids with childcare and early education. On the other side of the country, West Virginians can also expect good-paying jobs as well as expanded care for the elderly and the disabled and other targeted benefits to support their wellbeing. The Build Back Better plan was created to make an immeasurable impact on families of all backgrounds from diverse regions by growing the economy and tackling climate change. The House has laid the groundwork for our best and boldest future possible, the Senate must recognize the greatness and urgency of BuildBack Better and vote to pass this bill immediately. It’s our brightest path forward.”

Earthjustice: “Today, Congress is one step closer to realizing the most ambitious investment in U.S. history to protect our environment and address the climate crisis head on. Climate change is no longer tomorrow’s threat. It’s here now, and we need bold action from our government to deploy the clean technologies and natural solutions that will carry every community, including those that have too long borne the brunt of pollution and climate catastrophe, into a safe and vibrant future. […] We applaud House leadership and climate and environmental justice champions in the House for their work crafting this transformative legislation. As the Senate takes up the bill, Earthjustice and our partners implore our Senators to meet this moment and make the kind of transformational change that only government can make for the United States and for the world by passing the BuildBack Better Act and sending it to the President’s desk.”

Family Friendly Arizona: “We are incredibly grateful to Speaker Pelosi and Representatives Gallego, Stanton, Kirkpatrick, O’Halleran, and Grijalva for working to ensure Build BackBetter includes the robust investments in care that families need. Arizona families desperately need these policies and will benefit greatly from passage of the Build BackBetter Act. For too long, we have failed to invest in Arizona families, leaving them to pick up the pieces when Washington fails. That stops today. Now the action shifts to the Senate, where we hope Senators Sinema and Kelly work to ensure swift passage of the Build BackBetter Act so that these policies can get to work for working families.”

Family Values @ Work: “The Family Values @ Work network is thrilled that the House passed the Build Back Better proposal with paid family and medical leave included. This significant step forward for workers and families in this country is due to the unwavering commitment and steadfast work of our grassroots leaders across the country. In addition to paid leave, this legislation has monumental investments for working and caregiving families––including child tax credit, housing, and climate provisions[…]Even as we celebrate this step forward, we are continuing to organize and mobilize to hold our Senators accountable to us all. The House vote is won, but the work is not done.”

First Five Years Fund: “Today, our nation is one step closer to a sweeping investment in early learning that will transform the lives of children and families for the better. […] We are immensely grateful to so many leaders on Capitol Hill for their efforts to secure this vital investment. Now, we call on the Senate to act quickly and pass this bill into law. With every day that passes, America’s child care market moves ever closer to collapse, and families can’t afford to wait for this crisis to be solved.”

First Focus Campaign for Children: “This once-in-a-generation legislation will transform the lives of our country’s children and the path of the nation itself. Children have endured decades of deferred maintenance on the care and services they need most. The provisions of this bill — extension and permanent refundability of the child tax credit, universal pre-school, affordable child care, better nutrition, paid family and medical leave, improvement of key children’s health programs — will vastly improve the health and well-being of our children. We implore lawmakers in the Senate to support this measure and bring these benefits to our children and our country.” “Today, House Democrats voted in support of millions of American families by passing the Build Back Better Act. The immigration relief included in this bill will ensure that millions of undocumented immigrants who have been in the U.S. for an average of 20 years will be able to access work permits and protection from deportation, keeping them safe and together with their loved ones and allowing them to continue to contribute to our country and our communities. Now, the Senate must act to help get the job done – the wellbeing of millions of American families is in their hands, and failure to provide urgently-needed relief would be devastating. […] While this legislation would create meaningful opportunities and make life better for millions of people who have done so much in service of our country, we know it falls short of the pathway to citizenship that is needed. We will not stop fighting to achieve a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants until that becomes a reality. Still, the Build Back Better Act is an enormous step forward toward achieving life-changing protections for millions of American families. The Senate must act without delay.”

Green Latinos: “We have reached a moment of truth for climate action, Latino and other communities of color are living through the impacts of climate-related severe weather conditions, wildfires, drought, extreme storms, and flooding, right now. […] We now turn to fight for the full passage of this important bill in the Senate. The Latino community needs action now, and we will keep the pressure on to ensure that this bill becomes law!”

Health Care for America Now: “The Build Back Better plan is a historic piece of legislation that will improve the lives of families, seniors, small business owners and workers across the country by increasing economic mobility, equitable opportunity and prosperity for millions. Combined with the recently-passed bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Build Back Better will help ensure that everyone in America can benefit from our economic recovery, not just the wealthy few and corporations who have gotten richer while average people struggle with soaring inflation in the pandemic’s aftermath. […] Now it’s time for the Senate to do their part and pass Build Back Better as soon as possible.”

Health Care Voter: “The health care provisions in the Build Back Better Act will lower drug prices, close the Medicaid gap for millions of low income Americans, ensure affordability of health insurance for years to come, expand Medicare to include hearing coverage as well as provide paid family leave. The House has passed it—now it’s up to the Senate to take similarly speedy action and pass the bill now in order to prevent more Americans from going into medical debt or going without care. The Affordable Care Act saved my life—and now Build Back Better will expand on it.”

Honest AZ: “The U.S. House-passed Build Back Better Act delivers on the promise to lower health care and prescription drug costs for Arizonans and levels the playing field for working families by cutting taxes and investing in child care. Arizonans have borne a heavy burden throughout the pandemic, and we’re grateful to the members of Arizona’s delegation for passing this bill through the U.S. House.”

IBEW: “For generations, IBEW members have joined our working sisters and brothers across the economy in calling for the kind of basic protections and services found in the Build Back Better Act. This historic legislation will improve quality of life for millions, and today, IBEW members are celebrating its passage by the U.S. House of Representatives. Should this legislation become law, for the first time in the history of our nation, all working people would have access to affordable childcare, early childhood education programs, tax fairness, and critical homecare services for the oldest among us. […] Restoring the middle class has always been at the heart of President Biden’s ambitious plan to Build Back Better, and the IBEW is proud to stand with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Congress in fighting for the union workers who built the middle class and who continue to power our nation.”

Immigration Hub: “Every day, undocumented immigrants who have lived in the country for years wake up to go to work and help keep our country going. They harvest our crops, care for our loved ones, and run small businesses that support local economies. And every day, these same workers must live in constant fear of deportation and losing their home and families. The Build Back Better Act passed out of the House today, under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership, would transform millions of lives by providing long overdue protections from deportation for undocumented communities.  We thank all of our congressional leaders, President Biden and Vice President Harris who have fought to ensure the inclusion of critical immigration reforms in the Build Back Better Act, and have brought us closer than ever to the finish line of passing real protections for immigrant communities.”

ITEP: “The Build Back Better plan that the House passed today will transform the country and make our tax code more progressive, more equitable and better able to pay for crucial priorities. The plan raises revenue from wealthy people and corporations to pay for investments that the country needs. It provides tax credits for middle- and low-income families that raise incomes and dramatically reduce poverty. Together these elements create a much better tax system. […] As a result of the Build Back Better plan, the wealthiest Americans and the largest most profitable corporations will pay more, while low- and middle-income families will get help paying for the basics. These are powerful changes in the right direction for America’s tax code.”

Invest In America: “This is a historic week for the American people. From the passage of the Build Back Better Act — which sets the stage for life-changing investments in our families and communities — to the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, the achievements of this week will be transformational for Americans across the country who will soon start to see lower prescription drug, utility, childcare, eldercare and housing costs; more and better-paying jobs from a historic investment to combat climate change; and lower taxes for middle-class families. We applaud leaders in the House for taking this decisive action to rebuild the middle class, address climate change, and create a fair, sustainable economy that works for everyone. Now, the Senate must follow the House’s example and advance the Build Back Better Act before Christmas.”

Latino Victory: “We’re one step closer to passing a transformative bill that will improve the lives of millions of people across the country. Latinos, especially working families and children, will benefit immensely from many of the bill’s provisions, including affordable health care access, universal pre-K, Child Tax Credit expansion, and relief for undocumented immigrants. It’s the defining helping hand that our country needs to climb out of the Covid-19 economic crisis and strengthen working families’ economic and social safety net programs. President Biden and Democrats in the House proved yet again that they’re getting the job done and fulfilling their promise to Build Back Better by delivering real results. Our country is on the right track with more jobs, a record low unemployment rate, and the new bipartisan infrastructure law that will create even more jobs. Now it’s up to the Senate to maintain the momentum by supporting this bill and passing it as swiftly as possible. We urge the Senate to do right by the American people and take the Build BackBetter Act across the finish line.”

Latinos for a Better Future: “We launched this initiative with the goal of ensuring Latino priorities were included in the Build Back Better Act, so that hard working Latinos across the country and in Puerto Rico received the support and care they needed. Today, that goal is one step closer to being accomplished. The Build Back Better Act that the House passed will help American Latino families succeed in the 21st century, creating funding for critical programs across the country, including those in Puerto Rico. Latinos in both the states and Puerto Rico have made enormous, historical contributions to the US. Now, the time has finally come for the country to give back by addressing some of the outstanding challenges facing our community, particularly in the areas of healthcare, immigration, education, climate change, jobs, and the economy.”

League of Conservation Voters: “Following the enactment of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, House passage of the Build Back Better Act caps off a historic and transformational week for climate, jobs and justice. Under Speaker Pelosi’s tireless leadership, the House just passed the strongest climate bill in U.S. history to put our country on the path to cut climate pollution in half by 2030, the goal set by President Biden and that science and justice require. The Build Back Better Act meets our climate goals while saving people money on their energy bills and other monthly expenses, investing in the frontline and communities of color that have suffered the most from toxic pollution, and creating and sustaining millions of good-paying union jobs in the clean energy economy. […] LCV is all in to ensure the Senate quickly seizes this historic opportunity to make life better for people and the planet by passing the Build Back Better Act and sending it to President Biden’s desk.”

Lower Drug Prices Now: “The House’s passage of the Build Back Better Act is a significant first step toward breaking up Pharma’s monopoly power over prices and making medicines more affordable for millions. For the first time, drug corporations will be required to negotiate for lower prices for some drugs in Medicare. Also for the first time, there will be caps on what seniors can be forced to pay out-of-pocket for medicines and on the cost of insulin for people with Medicare and private coverage. Drug corporations will face the first-ever penalties for raising the price of prescription medicines faster than the rate of inflation. […] We now urge the Senate to pass the House’s Build Back Better Act without delay or more modifications to water down the bill so that Americans can finally get affordable medicines.”

Machinists Union: “I want to thank the U.S. House members who voted in favor of this important bill that gives much-needed support to our nation’s workforce. There are so many critical provisions in Build Back Better, like Child Tax Credit, child care, workplace development and access to clean energy jobs just to name a few. This legislation embraces a pro-worker agenda that provides millions of working families with the resources and opportunities of better wages and benefits.”

Main Street Alliance: “Main Street Alliance and our member businesses applaud the House for passing a historic piece of legislation that will support entrepreneurs across the country. With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and now this first step on Build Back Better, we are on the precipice of a more equitable economy. In partnership, the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will make critical investments we need to boost our economy and rebuild our communities. The President’s economic recovery package will invest in our nation’s future, address rising costs, and build an economy that rewards work, not wealth, by lowering costs for working people, supporting small businesses, and creating millions of new good-paying jobs. […] Now, we are urging the Senate to swiftly pass the full Build Back Better bill so that President Biden can sign this transformative bill into law as soon as possible and deliver on the promises for millions of people and small businesses in America.”

Mi Familia Vota: “Today’s vote is a major step in radically transforming our economy, providing help to millions of workers, immigrants and will fight climate change – while creating jobs and lowering costs for millions. The Latino Community is on the frontline of the current climate crisis. This is not an existential threat but a very real one for Latinos. We need action to address this now. We know that Immigrants stood with us during this pandemic, their essential, hard work kept our country going. We are pleased to see provisions to help our immigrant familia was included in this legislation. […] This is the least we can do for now, we will continue to fight for a full pathway to citizenship. […] We know that this is not the end, and that the Senate must move swiftly to pass the full BBBA.”

MomsRising: “America’s moms, parents, and caregivers have long been sounding the alarm — and reaching out to members of Congress — about the urgent need to build a care infrastructure to lift families, businesses, and our economy. We are celebrating the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Build Back Better Act. We thank every lawmaker who voted for it and commend Speaker Pelosi and the House leaders who worked incredibly hard to win passage of this vitally important measure, which will make it possible for moms, families, businesses, and our economy to thrive. We look forward to the U.S. Senate quickly passing Build Back Better and to President Biden signing it into law.”

Move On: “This is a historic day, and this is historic legislation. […] The Build Back Better Act provides historic funding for the care our children and elders need; the biggest investments in history to tackle the climate crisis and advance a more equitable, clean-energy economy; along with critical reductions to the costs of health care, prescription drugs, and child care. It also reflects the administration’s continued commitment to advance good-paying jobs and important immigration reform. It will make life better for nearly all Americans, while also finally making the rich pay more of their fair share in taxes. Today’s House passage is a giant leap forward on the path to an equitable recovery for all. Now, the Senate needs to do their part and swiftly pass the Build Back Better Act upon their return. The American people cannot afford to wait any longer.”

NAACP: “Today represents a significant step in the fight for racial equity. President Biden’s Build Back Better will make key investments in Black families and communities. As we celebrate the House’s passage of this critical framework, let’s double down on meaningful legislation that will improve the lives of all Americans. The Senate must pass this bill with urgency.”

National Domestic Workers Alliance/Caring Across Generations: “Women of color have mobilized, advocated, organized and voted to help make this historic moment a reality. Today’s vote brings us one step closer to realizing a future where America’s home care workers, the majority of whom are women of color, receive a family-sustaining wage and those who need care–veterans, older people, and people with disabilities– will receive quality, affordable care services at home. […] The Senate’s quick passage of this historic legislation with all three pillars of the care economy–including home and community-based services, child care, and paid family medical leave–will enable us to start building the care infrastructure our families and economy need. We’re also glad protections of millions in our immigrant community, including domestic workers, are included. Immigration protections are absolutely essential for truly meaningful change.”

National Partnership for Women and Families: “We applaud the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the historic Build Back Better Act, which includes a comprehensive paid family and medical leave policy that will improve the lives of millions of women, families, and working people. This bill ensures that workers will no longer fear missing a paycheck or risking their job when they need to care for a new child, a family member, or for their own medical needs. Moreover, this critical policy will create economic growth by keeping women connected to the workforce – even when caregiving needs arise. […] For nearly 40 years, the National Partnership for Women and Families has been at the forefront of the fight for paid family and medical leave. We led the groundbreaking campaign with a broad array of advocates to make the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) the law of the land nearly 30 years ago, transforming our culture and paving the way for an increase in women’s participation in the workforce. But the FMLA was only ever supposed to be a first step; the Build Back Better Act contains the paid leave provisions that workers in this country have demanded for years. We urge the Senate to act swiftly and pass the House version of the Build Back Better Act to make these landmark investments a permanent part of our nation’s caregiving infrastructure.”

National Wildlife Federation: “The Build Back Better Act will be the largest investment ever in climate action, natural resource restoration, community resilience and revitalization, clean water and air, and good-paying jobs since the New Deal. We thank President Biden and Speaker Pelosi for uniting the caucus to secure historic victories for people and wildlife alike. From the unprecedented investments in restoring our natural resources and establishing a Civilian Climate Corps to the expansion of domestic manufacturing and deployment of cleaner energy, transportation, and materials, these investments will help us achieve the promise of a clean energy future that leaves no community behind.”

National Women’s Law Center: “With this vote, Congress brings tens of millions of women, families, and caregivers closer to a future where their work and sacrifice are truly valued and rewarded. The bill passed today includes historic investments in child care and home and community-based services, affordable housing, the establishment of universal pre-kindergarten, birthing justice, comprehensive paid family and medical leave, and the expanded Child Tax Credit–all paid for by making the ultra-wealthy and large corporations pay a fairer share in taxes–and long-overdue prescription drug pricing reform. This new future for women is generations in the making, and the Senate should immediately take action to make these life-changing investments in working families a reality.”

Natural Resources Defense Council: “Today, the House delivered on the strongest climate action in history – and not a minute too soon. The climate clock is ticking. It’s time for the Senate to get this done. This bill calls for the most significant U.S. climate investment ever. It’s the centerpiece of a broader strategy to confront the climate crisis by slashing carbon pollution in a way that creates high-quality jobs, drives innovation and sets the table for durable growth. […] With a crisis this urgent, stakes this high and opportunity so far-reaching, the Senate has no more pressing business before it than to pass this bill without delay. We’re counting on the Senate to get it done.”

NEA: “No matter what we look like or where we’re from, everyone deserves a shot at the American dream. But for too many working families, the American dream just gets farther and farther away from them. With President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take meaningful action on long-ignored challenges ranging from how we educate our youngest generation, ensure no child goes hungry, care for those who are ill or have fallen on hard times, or securing protections for immigrants. The failure to act for too long has limited the opportunities of millions of Americans, particularly in Black, Brown, and Indigenous, and rural communities. The time to act is now.”

New America: “The United States is one step closer today to finally enacting a national paid family and medical leave program so that every working person can care for themselves, a new child or an ill loved one. […] Passing paid leave in Build Back Better is the only timely pathway to putting paid family and medical leave in reach of an estimated 18.5 million people who need time away from work to care for themselves or a loved one each year and do not have paid leave do so now – too often at an unacceptable costs to themselves, their loved ones, their employers and all of us. There is no Plan B that will deliver like this in any reasonable timeframe. I urge Senate Majority Leader Schumer to do everything in his power to ensure a national paid family and medical leave program becomes law.”

Opportunity Wisconsin: “Hardworking elected leaders here in Wisconsin and in the Biden-Harris administration are delivering for the Badger State by passing the Build Back Better Act. These reforms will level the playing field for working people by lowering costs for health insurance, bringing down prescription drug prices, reducing energy bills, and making child care more affordable. Today we’re calling on Senator Ron Johnson to put politics aside and pass a historic bill that will put the people of Wisconsin back to work and make sure the rich and big corporations pay their fair share.”

Paid Leave for the US (PL+US): “The U.S. House just delivered a historic victory for working families with the inclusion of a national paid family and medical leave program in the BuildBack Better Act. […] Now, it is up to Senator Schumer and Senate Democrats to make good on their stated commitments to working families and ensure paid leave is included in the final Build Back Better bill. There has never been a more important and urgent time to pass paid leave. Paid leave will make our families, businesses, and our national economy stronger and help us to truly build back better and more equitably. […] In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll work hand-in-hand with our allies in the Senate, the White House, and the national advocacy movement to ensure that paid leave remains in the final legislation that makes it to President Biden’s desk.”

Planned Parenthood Federation of America: “Today’s vote in the House is a historic step toward promoting health equity and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care. The investments in maternal health, closing the Medicaid coverage gap, and establishing paid family leave, among many other important investments, will make a tangible improvement in the health and lives of Americans. Build Back Better will particularly and positively affect people of color, people with low incomes, and people who live in rural areas — the same people who face tremendous barriers to affordable and accessible health care. The Senate must immediately take this package up so we can buildback better for the American people. Medicaid is the largest payer of reproductive health care in the nation. Last month, Planned Parenthood Federation of America published new state-focused fact sheets in the 12 states that have refused to expand Medicaid to highlight why closing the Medicaid coverage gap is critical to expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care.”

Protect Our Care: ““Thanks to the tireless leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats have passed historic legislation that will lower health care costs for families, expand coverage to millions, and end the 20-year ban on Medicare negotiating lower drug prices. Democrats delivered on their promises to lower health care costs and level the playing field for working families, while every House Republican voted against lower costs and better care. Today’s vote confirms that President Biden and Democrats in Congress are continuing the fight for a future where health care is a right, not a privilege. Senate Democrats should work quickly to pass this legislation so millions of families can finally afford the health care they need.”

SEIU: “Essential workers demanded Congress pass the Build Back Better Act to help all families thrive and tonight the House of Representatives delivered. With the passage of this landmark legislation in the House, we are on the precipice of making historic investments in care, climate, jobs, and justice and protections for immigrant communities that will make a lasting difference for working people and families. Now, the Senate must follow through without delay and deliver on its commitments to pass the full vision of BuildBack Better. […] Workers of all backgrounds, in districts red and blue, are eager to feel the changes in their lives that they’ve been promised, and President Biden is ready to sign this bill. The Senate must take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to begin unrigging the rules of our economy and bring Build Back Better across the finish line, so people can see their democracy working for them.”

Small Business for America’s Future: “Small business owners are the backbone of the nation’s economy—driving economic growth and job creation. Investments in healthcare, affordable child care, paid leave, access to capital through the Small Business Administration and Minority Business Development Agency by the Build Back Better Act will deliver what we need to build a healthy and thriving Main Street. Additionally, this legislation takes an important step in leveling the playing field on taxes by establishing a global minimum tax on large corporations and ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share. Though we have more work to do, we applaud the House for passing the plan, and strongly urge the Senate to do the same.”

SMART: “We commend the House for passing the Build Back Better Act. This legislation is a monumental investment in American families, will revitalize our economy and create good union jobs. Our union members stand ready to rebuild and construct our nation’s infrastructure and will be the boots on the ground to make the Build Back Better agenda a reality. […] We can’t delay on delivering for the American people. The time to act is now. We call on the Senate to immediately pass this bill and send it to the President for his signature.”

Supermajority: “Women paved the way for today’s victory for American families and workers by coming together to ensure Congress works for all of us. The House passage of the Build Back Better Act is an exciting, historic step in the right direction, and we are proud of all of the women who stood up, spoke out, and made it happen. […] Now it’s time for the Senate to act. Passing Build Back Better will ensure all Americans have access to paid leave, affordable child care, and universal preschool. It will improve working conditions for home care workers and lower the cost of things women and families depend on.”

Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD): “When President Biden was sworn into office last January, he made a promise to the American people: that he would put people to work in good jobs, that he would rebuild the middle class, and that if we worked together, we would not fail. Just four days ago, President Biden and Vice President Harris made good on a major component of that promise, delivering the largest investment in infrastructure in this nation’s history — the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) — to the American people. […] This morning, the House of Representatives took another historic step towards rebuilding America’s middle class and improving the lives of all working Americans. By passing the Build Back Better Act, we are within reach of billions in additional investments for transportation infrastructure and services, as well as key labor-supported provisions that will help provide stronger labor standards and enforcement, further tie federal investments to the creation of good union jobs, lower health care costs, make childcare more affordable, and expand affordable housing.”

UAW: “House Democrats stood up for American union jobs and American families today by passing the Build Back Better Act. President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Schumer have worked hard to make meaningful real-life investments in American families. Make no mistake, this bill stands to benefit all UAW members and retirees, regardless of sector, for years to come. Universal preschool, lower prescription drug costs, support for child and elder care, ensuring the extremely wealthy pay more of their share, and better tools to hold union busters accountable all represent important wins for all workers. […] President Biden and the U.S. House have delivered for American families. Now it is time for the U.S. Senate to join Senator Schumer and pass Build Back Better with the Stabenow-Kildee Provision and create good paying union jobs for decades to come.”

UFCW: “Today’s House passage of the Build Back Better Act sends a clear message that Congress is stepping up to invest in America’s essential workers and their families. Frontline workers in grocery stores and meatpacking plants have faced some of the highest COVID risks throughout the pandemic as they stepped up to keep our food supply chain strong when we needed it most. The passage of this bill honors the incredible sacrifices and service of these workers and their families. […] America’s middle class was built by unions and the hardworking men and women who have been keeping our country strong throughout the pandemic. On behalf of the essential workers UFCW represents, I urge Leader Schumer and the Senate to quickly pass the Build Back Better Act to invest in American workers and families as our economy continues to recover. The Senate must act now so that millions of workers and families can get the critical support they need.”

UltraViolet: “The Build Back Better Act was passed by the House because of the many advocates and activists, including UltraViolet’s 1.2 milion members, who stopped at nothing until Congress proposed a robust recovery plan to assist the millions whose lives were upended by the pandemic. The Build Back Better Act is a historic investment in America’s future that finally begins to meet the needs and demands of millions of women, especially women of color. […] Build Back Better represents a promise kept by the President to center women and caregivers. It’s the best way forward to right the wrongs the pandemic brought to light toward relief. We look forward to seeing the same Build BackBetter Act pass the Senate in the coming weeks including all of the transformative policies the House and President have supported.”

UnidosUS: “Today, UnidosUS commends the House for advancing legislation that will help usher in a more inclusive era of American progress. We will work hard to protect the Latino policy priorities in this package through Senate deliberations and ensure it reaches the president’s desk as soon as possible,”

Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy: “We are incredibly grateful to Reps. Elaine Luria (VA-02), Bobby Scott (VA-03), Donald McEachin (VA-04), Abigail Spanberger (VA-07), Don Beyer (VA-08), Jennifer Wexton (VA-10) and Gerry Connolly (VA-11) for voting for the Build Back Better, which  includes the robust investments in care that families need. Families in Virginia desperately need these policies and will benefit greatly from passage of the Build Back Better Act. For too long, we have failed to invest in family friendly policies, leaving working people to pick up the pieces. The Build Back Better Act fundamentally changes this by investing in the care policies families need to care for themselves and recover from the pandemic. This plan won’t cost working families a dime. In fact, it is fully paid for by making sure that large, profitable corporations  and the richest among us pay their fair share.”

Zero to Three: “Our babies, families, and communities need infrastructure that supports their health and well-being. Every day, millions of parents are forced to make impossible decisions about caring for and supporting their babies. Today, Congress took a large step toward establishing the supports parents and caregivers need to help their children thrive, now and into the future […] If we respond to families’ needs today, we can build a strong foundation for generations to come. We have the opportunity to get this right. We urge the Senate to pass this bill, with each of these supports included. Our babies are counting on you.”

We Demand More: “Today’s House of Representatives vote on the Build Back Better Act brings us one step closer to historic investments in our country that will benefit all our families. In particular, the Build Back Better Act’s investments in care work, paid leave, and health care will help millions of women, especially Black women and women of color who do the majority of our nation’s paid and unpaid work. […] This bill delivers on President Biden’s vision and the Senate must act swiftly to deliver the same robust, inclusive, and transformational legislation without any cuts or compromises. Our caregivers and families deserve nothing less.”

Ai-jen Poo: “Take a minute and celebrate this historic week with me! Tuesday: @POTUS signed infrastructure bill to get millions back to work. Today: the House passed #BuildBackBetter with major investments in care to get millions more women, women of color, and immigrants back to work.”

Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez, NextGen America: “Try as he might, Kevin McCarthy couldn’t stop progress from happening. The House just passed the $1.75 trillion dollar #BuildBackBetter bill that’ll help struggling American families with everything from early childhood to climate change. Si se puede!”

EDF Action: “The House has delivered on the @POTUS Biden’s ambitious climate agenda! The #BuildBackBetterAct will be a historic investment in our clean energy and climate future. Now it’s time for the Senate to get it across the finish line.”

Environment America: “BREAKING: The U.S. House of Representatives just passed the Build Back Better Act, which makes historic investments in clean energy, ends oil and gas leasing in the Arctic Refuge and cleans up toxic air and water pollution.”

Evergreen Action: “BREAKING: The House just passed $555 billion worth of critical climate investments in the #BuildBackBetter Act. If passed by the Senate, it will be the largest climate investment in American history.”

Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media: “Congrats @SpeakerPelosi + @POTUS for passing the #BuildBackBetterAct in the House. It’s time to understand what this will mean for most Americans, once the Senate passes it too. For one thing, it will lower costs for families by extending the #ChildTaxCredit. #NowThatsBETTER!”

Paid Leave for All: “Today’s vote in the House brings us another step closer to passing America’s first national and comprehensive paid leave policy. Paid family and medical leave is a policy that will unite us, keep us healthy and keep us working, and support every family in America.”