New ads: Building Back Together Launches $1M+ Latino ad Campaign Highlighting Impacts Of Biden‘s Build Back Better Agenda

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2021
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New ads in English and Spanish to run on TV and digital platforms in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada


WATCH TV AD: Building Back Together For Pennsylvania’s Small Businesses 

WATCH TV AD: Building Back Together for Nevada in English and Spanish 

Washington, D.C. — Today, Building Back Together kicks off a new television, digital and radio ad campaign highlighting Latinos in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada who have received support from the Biden-Harris Administration to keep their small businesses afloat and the Biden-Harris Administration’s plans to lower costs for working families, including by making health care and child care more affordable through the Build Back Better agenda.

The $1M+ ad buy is a part of Build Back Together’s always-on outreach campaign to Latinos across the country and is part of an ongoing $10M campaign to make the case for the Build Back Better agenda. These 30-second ads spotlighting Latino families will air on television, digital and radio across Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The ads encourage audiences to take action through a new call tool now available in Spanish as well as English.

Build Back Together and Latino Victory recently commissioned a survey with BSP Research asking Latino families what the Biden-Harris Administration’s top priority should be, and results show that the vast majority of respondents highlighted key policies at the center of the Build Back Better agenda: 71% of respondents prioritized good paying jobs and 61% said the priority should be to expand access to affordable health care.  Additionally, over 80 percent of Latino voters supported making the increased Child Tax Credit permanent to relieve the burden of high costs on parents and caregivers.

“The Build Back Better agenda is the largest investment in working families in a generation,” said Mayra Macías, Building Back Together Chief Strategy Officer. “From lowering the costs of health care and child care to ensuring our families breathe clean air, this agenda will have a big impact on Latino families across the country. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to communicate directly with the Latino community about how the Build Back Better agenda benefits them.”

WATCH AD: Building Back Together For Pennsylvania Small Businesses

WATCH AD: Building Back Together For Pennsylvania Families—Spanish

WATCH AD: Building Back Together For Arizona’s Families—Child Care

WATCH AD: Building Back Together For Arizona’s Small Businesses —Spanish

WATCH AD: BBB Agenda English Testimonial – Nevada

WATCH AD: BBB Agenda Spanish Testimonial – Nevada

About Building Back Together:

With leadership in the White House and Congress that shares our values, we have a critical opportunity to advance a progressive agenda. But we know that it will take smart advocacy to build the case for these policies. Building Back Together — a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit focused on advancing progressive policies in the Build Back Better agenda — was formed to get the job done, by creating winning campaign coalitions to achieve our goals and growing public support for our agenda.

Our name is intentional: we can’t do this work alone. We’ll partner with organizations to achieve policy successes and work together to communicate with the American people about how the Build Back Better agenda is changing lives in communities across the country.

The team at Building Back Together will:

  • Convene progressive organizations to partner on coordinated campaigns at the local, state and national level
  • Create usable resources like message research, guidance and tools
  • Invest in innovative digital strategies and partnerships
  • Develop effective advertising campaigns

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