Statement From BBT Chief Strategy Officer Mayra Macías in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2022
PRESS CONTACT: [email protected]


WASHINGTON, D.C. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, Building Back Together Chief Strategy Officer Mayra Macías released the following statement:

“This month, we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Latinos to our nation, including those who braved uncertain journeys across thousands of miles to build better futures for themselves and their families in the United States and those who have been part of the fabric of this country for over 250 years. Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to reflect on the rich history of the Latino community in America – and reminds us of the work there is still to be done to expand opportunity and ensure justice for all.

“President Biden is committed to this work and has delivered for Latino families, boosting economic growth to create jobs and signing historic legislation to lower costs. The CHIPS Act he signed is creating good-paying manufacturing jobs that you can raise a family on. The Inflation Reduction Act lowers the cost of health care, prescription drugs, and energy bills – expenses that disproportionately burden Latinos. He continues to push for reforms for our broken immigration system to ensure that we have safe and orderly processes for those seeking asylum in the United States and build upon his work to reunite families, extend TPS for Venezuelans, and take executive action to protect Dreamers. And his student debt elimination program will completely erase the debts of 1 in 3 Latino borrowers, giving millions of young people more breathing room in their budgets to start a family, build a business, or buy a house. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, President Biden is determined to deliver more historic wins for our communities.”

The Biden-Harris Administration put money into the pockets of Latino parents, workers, and students, supported Latino small business owners, and has dramatically reduced unemployment rates for Latinos: 

  • Over 9 million jobs have been created since President Biden took office.
  • President Biden announced he will erase $10,000 in student loan debt for those making less than $125,000 a year — and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients — as well as extend the existing payment pause on federal student loans through December 31st.
    • This announcement means that 45% of federal student loan borrowers will be eligible to have their debt completely eliminated — including 1 in 3 Latino borrowers.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit to include more workers and provide nearly three times the previous benefit amount, assisting over 17 million workers.
    • These tax cuts benefited roughly 2.8 million Latinos.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration provided billions in loans to minority-owned small businesses in fiscal year 2021 through the Small Business Administration’s core lending programs, including: over $2.7 billion in loans to Latino-owned small businesses.
  • President Biden’s aid for small businesses have had an immense positive impact. A recent White House report highlighted the small business boom under the Biden-Harris Administration: Americans started 5.4 million new small businesses in 2021 – 20 percent more than any other year on record. In fact, in 2021, new businesses opened at a record pace and Latinos started new businesses at the fastest rate in more than a decade.
  • An expansion of health care access through the Affordable Care Act lowered health care premiums for 9 million Americans by $50 a month, which benefited 730,000 Latinos.
  • President Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to strengthen background checks for those under 21, address the “boyfriend loophole,” fund the implementation of “red flag” laws, invest in Community Violence Intervention Programs, and expand school safety and mental health programs.
    • Gun violence disproportionately impacts the Latino community, with Latinos twice as likely to die by gun homicide and four times as likely to be wounded by an assault with a gun compared to white Americans.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration freed up over $9 billion in federal disaster funds for Puerto Rico, including $1.3 billion to guard against future climate-related disasters.
  • The administration extended relief to more than 300,000 immigrants by extending Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans, Haitians, Hondurans, and Nicaraguans, and designated Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans.
  • 2,762 families have been reunited since President Biden took office and more are currently in the process of being reunited with their families after the previous administration separated almost 4,000 children from their families.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration restarted the Central American Minors Program so children can be reunited with their families without needing to make the dangerous journey to the U.S. border.
  • President Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the terminationof the Title 42 public health order, and continues to work to ensure migrants are processed in a safe and orderly manner.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration ended the “Remain in Mexico” program shortly after the Supreme Court ruled the administration could end the policy.
  • President Biden has confirmed 60 federal judges, prioritizing diversity among his nominees. Over 75% of President Biden’s confirmed nominees are women and over 17%are Latino.