LATINO VICTORY PROJECT PRESS RELEASE: Latino Victory Project Joins Building Back Together in an “Always-On” Latino Initiative

This partnership brings together Alianza, Somos Votantes, and Voto Latino to support a progressive policy agenda and engage the Latino community in a consistent and culturally competent manner. 

The initiative will be led by Mayra Macías who is joining Building Back Together as chief strategy officer. 

Washington, DC – Today, Latino Victory Project, in partnership with Building Back Together,  announced the launch of an “always-on” communications initiative focused on engaging Latinos and building support for President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and showing the direct impact these policies will have on the Latino community. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Building Back Together and leading Latino groups to build support for President Biden’s progressive policy agenda and engage the Latino community in a culturally competent manner,” said Nathalie Rayes, President and CEO of Latino Victory Project. “Part of increasing Latinos’ voter turnout and engagement means meeting people where they are and in their language—consistently. We must continue to engage Latinos and raise awareness about the Biden administration’s policies that will have a real impact on their lives.”

The initiative also unveiled a robust communications program that will place a heavy focus on digital platforms and lift up the stories of those who have benefited from the American Rescue Plan, as well as the Build Back Better agenda. This partnership will be led by Mayra Macías who is departing Latino Victory Project and joining the Building Back Together as chief strategy officer. 

Latino Victory Project celebrates Mayra Macías’ leadership

“Mayra is a stalwart champion for the Latino community and a powerful voice in the progressive movement.  An experienced political strategist and organizer, Mayra’s leadership and vision are unparalleled. We’re grateful for her invaluable contributions to Latino Victory and our mission of building Latino political power and wish her the best in her next chapter,” said Rayes.  

Mayra first joined Latino Victory in 2017, serving as national political director, and became the executive director in 2019. She was the architect behind Latino Victory’s winning strategy in the 2018 midterm elections and the First Latinas initiative, a national program focused on electing Latinas who are running for seats that have never had a Latina representative. Before joining Latino Victory, Mayra served as political director for the Florida Democratic Party, the first Latina to hold this position. 


The Latino Victory Project develops a pipeline of Latino leaders and shapes public discourse to reflect the growing influence of the Latino community while also building cross-constituency alliances that can move the country forward.