New Poll: MAGA Party’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Agenda is Out of Step with the American People

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Americans broadly support Roe’s protections on freedom and oppose criminalization of people accessing abortion and their doctors

WASHINGTON, D.C. — New polling shows yet again that the MAGA party’s extreme anti-abortion agenda, including their proposals to criminalize and ban abortion at the federal level, are wildly out of step with most Americans. A majority of Americans support upholding the decades-old precedent of Roe v. Wade – and in the week since the Court’s draft opinion overturning Roe was leaked, this support has only gotten stronger across the political spectrum. While the MAGA party wants to gut fundamental American freedoms, President Biden is fighting to protect the right to abortion and the decades-old precedent of Roe – a fight supported by a large majority of Americans.

Politico/Morning Consult: The majority of Americans oppose overturning Roe. 

  • “Fifty-three percent of voters say Roe should not be overturned, up three percentage points since last week. Twenty-eight percent say Roe should be overturned.”
  • “Among Republican voters, just 48% support overturning Roe. That’s down three points from last week.”
  • “Fifty-eight percent of voters said it is important for them to vote for a candidate in the midterms who supports abortion access. That includes 82% of Democratic voters, 57% of independents and more than 1 in 3 Republicans (35%).” 

Meanwhile, MAGA politicians who support overturning Roe have gone even further with plans to possibly enact a nationwide ban on abortion – with no exceptions for rape or incest.

  • Fox: “McConnell says national abortion ban is ‘possible’ if Roe v. Wade is overturned”
  • Insider: “Republican senators won’t say if they support rape and incest exceptions to abortion bans: ‘Come back and see me after the Supreme Court rules’”
  • The Guardian: “Where Republicans once believed that absolute bans were unpalatable and ‘toxic’ with voters, the party’s legislators have now adopted the language once promoted by the most extreme anti-abortion activists in the country who say any such exceptions are ‘prejudice against children conceived in rape and incest.’”

Politico/Morning Consult: Americans also oppose punishing patients and doctors for seeking or providing an abortion. 

  • “Seventy-three percent oppose prison time for women to receive abortions. That includes 84% of Democratic voters, 76% of independents and 60% of Republicans.” 
  • “Eighty percent of Democrats and 64% of independents oppose fines for doctors who perform abortions.” 

Meanwhile, the MAGA party has endorsed laws that would criminalize abortion and threaten to throw people in jail, fine doctors, encourage bounties, and more. 

  • PolitiFact: “Do Republicans want to throw doctors who break abortion laws in jail? Their plans say yes”
  • Politico: “Abortion bans set to take effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned could mean lengthy prison sentences for people who have an abortion, the physicians who perform them or those who help people access the procedure.”

The contrast between the MAGA party’s extreme war on abortion access and the priorities of most Americans could not be more clear. President Biden is working to protect the right to abortion – and most Americans are behind him.