FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2021
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, President Biden delivered on his promise to forge consensus and make progress for the American people by signing the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. Advocacy organizations are weighing in to celebrate these monumental investments that will create a generation of good-paying union jobs, grow our economy, and position the United States to win the race for the 21st century. Advocates are also calling on Congress to immediately pass the Build Back Better Act to lower costs, cut taxes for middle and working class families, and ensure the wealthiest Americans finally pay their fair share.

See below for a snapshot of the statements from groups celebrating the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal becoming law, as well as urging Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act now:

Building Back Together: “Today is a historic day for the American people: infrastructure week has finally arrived. Though those  before him have promised to act, President Biden delivered. This Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act isn’t only a win for Americans who are tired of chronic disinvestment and crumbling roads and bridges in their communities, it’s also a win for our democracy. […] As we celebrate this enormous win for our workers, our families, and our economy, the urgency to get the rest of President Biden’s economic agenda passed only intensifies.”

Invest in America: “Today’s signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a historic win for America. Its investments will allow us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create millions of good-paying jobs, drive economic growth, and position the U.S. to lead the global economy. […] While we should celebrate this bill and all the good it will do for Americans, we still have more work to do. It is imperative that Congress pass the Build Back Better Act this week to invest in education, care, clean energy, and more — by doing so, we will bring the American economy to its full potential and create millions more jobs, reduce key costs, and cut taxes for middle-class American families.”

NAACP: “President Biden’s infrastructure win is a significant step in the building of bridges across communities, from expanding access to broadband and public transportation, all while addressing the climate crisis. Combined with Build Back Better, the president’s agenda has the ability to address historic issues of structural and systemic racism by making key investments in the Black community.”

IBEW: “I could not be more proud of IBEW members who have long called for transformative investments in infrastructure, and are now ready to get to work rebuilding this country. Our IBEW sisters and brothers will lead the way in modernizing our nation’s electric grid, building out the charging infrastructure needed for the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles, buses, trains, and trucks, ensuring broadband reaches every corner of this country, and continuing our critical work as the power professionals who build and maintain the grid that makes life in America possible.”

National Building Trades: “Today is a proud day in the history of North America’s Building Trades Unions and for our 3 million members as we witness President Biden sign the single greatest infrastructure investment in our nation’s history into law. Countless workers, business leaders, federal, state and local lawmakers, and many others fought tirelessly for decades to make today a reality. Putting country before party or politics, President Biden kept his word on prioritizing our nation’s infrastructure, and with his signature, he is putting America on a better path forward. This historic legislation, and this President, value America’s diverse middle class, and the union workers who built and preserve it.”

UAW: “Standing with President Biden today, I was so proud to represent our entire UAW family at this historic event. UAW members could not be more proud of the bi-partisan infrastructure bill that was signed into law. This enormous accomplishment will address so many of the critical needs that every American relies on to live, work and succeed in our nation. This has been a long time coming. For UAW members, this legislation delivers reliability and job opportunities by improving the current state of our roads, bridges, water, electric vehicle infrastructure, internet capacity and electrical grid capacity. This long needed funding will improve American lives and strengthen our economy. We were also encouraged by President Biden’s continued support for swift passage of the Build Back Better Act by the Congress along with the Kildee/Stabenow Provision that when paired with this infrastructure bill, will ensure that consumer EV subsidies for new EV products will be made in the United States by workers who have good paying union jobs.”

LIUNA: “It is a great honor to represent the proud men and women of the Laborers’ International Union of North America at the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill today by President Joe Biden at the White House. With the President’s signature, the United States commits to the single greatest infrastructure investment in generations to restore our roads and bridges, our water systems, transit, and broadband. The investment will put Laborers to work in every community, revitalize our nation’s economy, and open doors to the middle-class for hundreds of thousands of working men and women. LIUNA is deeply grateful to President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for their leadership and their vision in winning passage of this transformative investment in our nation. LIUNA looks forward to working with the White House on the rollout of the infrastructure bill, the Build Back Better Agenda, and the creation of good union jobs building this nation.”

UFCW: “America’s frontline workers have been keeping our communities strong throughout the pandemic. With this bipartisan infrastructure bill now signed into law, President Biden is delivering on his promise to hardworking families to help create good-paying union jobs and invest in the roads and bridges that are the backbone of our economy. Congress must continue to invest in American workers and help rebuild our economy by quickly passing the Build Back Better Act which will expand opportunities for so many workers and families.”

Ironworkers: “President Joe Biden signed his landmark $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law Monday. The bill will inject $550 billion of new funds into transportation, broadband and utilities over the next five years”

Randi Weingarten, AFT: “So glad to be at the White House as @JoeBiden @POTUS signs the biggest public works program since Pres Eisenhower. Let’s fix roads & bridges, install broad ban, get lead out of water, and build the electric cars, trains & airports this bill provides”

Mary Kay Henry, SEIU: “Rebuilding our #infrastructure is a huge step forward for our country. The bill Pres. Biden signed today will make our roads, rails and water safer. #BuildBackBetter”

AFSCME: “This new law makes historic investments in infrastructure and will create jobs for public service workers all over this nation.”

Climate Power: “BREAKING: @POTUS just signed the infrastructure bill into law. Now it’s time for Congress to finish the job and pass the Build Back Better Act—a historic economic package that will tackle the climate crisis and lower costs for American families.
Tell the House to pass it ASAP.”

League of Conservation Voters: “We applaud the Biden-Harris administration and the bipartisan group of members of Congress for enacting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law and ensuring badly needed investments in electric vehicle charging stations and electric school buses, replacement of harmful lead service lines, clean technology research and development, grid modernization, and more. This is an important step forward, and now Congress must finish the job by passing the Build Back Better Act and getting it to President Biden’s desk in the coming weeks.”

Small Business for America’s Future: “President Biden’s signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill is a historic investment in our economy that will greatly help America’s small business community. The law demonstrates a strong  commitment to helping the small business community at a time when federal support is as important as ever. As the economic effects of the pandemic linger, this legislation is a key component of our ongoing recovery. Now, it is essential that Congress double down on their commitment to small business owners by quickly passing the Build Back Better Act.”

American Sustainable Business Council: “I am honored to represent our thousands of supportive members who share our commitment to this precedent setting, far encompassing piece of legislation which advances important priorities that will help us to move closer to an economy that works for all and is the largest investment in history to deal with the climate crisis.”

Main Street Alliance: “The Infrastructure Act’s critical investments in our roads, bridges, supply chains, and broadband networks, particularly important for our rural small businesses, are needed to rebuild the economy and support entrepreneurs across the country. Main Street Alliance and our member businesses applaud President Biden for signing the Infrastructure Act into law. […] In partnership, the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will make critical investments we need to boost our economy and rebuild our communities. […] 
Now, we are urging the House and Senate to swiftly pass a robust Build Back Better bill as soon as possible and deliver on the promises for millions of people and small businesses in America.”

American Bridge: “Today, with support from members on both sides of the aisle, President Biden signed a once-in-a-generation investment in America’s future. Not only will the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill revitalize our economy and give our infrastructure a much-needed upgrade, but it will put Americans back to work with good-paying jobs and puts us on the path to win the competition for the 21st century. Unlike the previous administration, President Biden has delivered on one of the fundamental promises of his presidency – building infrastructure that benefits all Americans and creates an unprecedented number of jobs for working class families.”

Corazón Latino: “President Biden has signed a landmark package providing the largest investment in the country’s infrastructure in decades, marking a turning point in our nation’s trajectory that offers new opportunities for all with resources deliberately earmarked for communities of color to be included in economic and social development. Corazón Latino joins in celebrating this historic bill and is emboldened by this administration’s support for Madre Tierra and our families.”

National Wildlife Federation: “This historic investment in clean water, habitat restoration, reclamation, resilience, and connectivity, and clean energy innovation underscores what’s possible when our leaders come together. Thank you to President Biden and the bipartisan group of senators, representatives, and other leaders who crafted and passed this historic restoration and resilience bill. Congress must build upon this strong foundation by passing the Build Back Better Act and finding common ground on solutions for the immense and interconnected crises we still face.”

Environmental Defense Fund: “The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act President Biden has now signed into law is a valuable and necessary investment in America’s future. The President deserves great credit for working with both parties to deliver results for the American people. Now Congress must finish the job and move quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act, which offers a historic opportunity to fight climate change, create millions of jobs and advance a more equitable America. The bipartisan Infrastructure act is a first step towards building a stronger, cleaner economy. […] We look forward to fast action on the Build Back Better Act, which is urgently needed to protect our economy from the threat of climate change.”

Sierra Club: “Today, President Biden will sign a bill that will deliver billions in investments in supporting public transit and electric vehicle charging, cleaning up the nation’s dirty ports, and funding electric school buses so children across the country will have a clean commute to school. While these investments are sorely needed, we can’t stop here. In order to realize the investments in the infrastructure bill and truly transform the nation’s most polluting sector, Congress must pass the Build Back Better Act.”

Mayor Turner, African American Mayors Association: “I am honored today to join the president, mayors, governors, business leaders, and union leaders from across the country to participate in the signing of this revolutionary, bipartisan infrastructure plan. There’s no question that the plan will supercharge our economy and propel our nation forward. It will help repair our broken roads, trains, and bridges and improve access to the internet in underserved areas — while creating well-paying union jobs.”

Amalgamated Transit Union: “This legislation is a game changer for public transit, workers, riders, and our country,” said International President John Costa. “It’s a down payment on our future. With record funding for public transit, the bill provides a historic investment in fixing and modernizing our nation’s crumbling transit infrastructure. It will help fight climate change with funding to replace thousands of gas-powered buses with clean, zero-emission vehicles and provides critical workforce development to ensure frontline transit workers are trained to safely repair, maintain, and operate vehicles with this new technology.”

International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART): “Our union was proud to stand with President Biden today to sign this historic bill into law. It will create good, union jobs and put SMART members to work improving indoor air quality in our schools and in commercial and residential buildings. It also makes long-overdue railroad safety improvements and will help school districts across the country buy clean, American-made, zero emission buses that will drive demand for the products and services provided by SMART sheet metal workers.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers: “A huge victory for working people. The Machinists Union is ready to build the future. #BipartisanInfrastructureDeal”

United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada: “This bipartisan infrastructure bill will create good-paying jobs for our members as we work to rebuild aging infrastructure, protect our water supply, and deliver affordable and reliable energy to American families. Now that @POTUS kept his promise, let’s get to work.”

Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO: “Together with our 33 affiliated unions and transportation workers nationwide, we’re celebrating @POTUS’ signing of the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.”

Transport Workers Union of America: Here’s how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will benefit TRANSIT workers:
✅Expand public transit options across the entire country
✅Fund urgently needed repairs on 24,000 buses, 5,000 rail cars, 200 stations, and thousands of miles of track, signals, and power systems

Faith in Public Life: “The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is an important, overdue step in laying the foundation for a Holy Recovery. Its investments in things like replacing lead water pipes, creating good paying jobs, and expanding broadband internet in low-income communities will help millions of our neighbors. But alone, it is insufficient. Now, Congressional Democrats must keep their promise to deliver the Build Back Better Act — the moral agenda that we the people turned out in record numbers for in 2020. We can’t wait any longer— Congress must pass it before Thanksgiving.”

National Organization for Women: “Thank you @POTUS for signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. This is a remarkable bill that will invest in climate action & clean water, high-speed internet, public transportation, roads, bridges, and more.  #BuildBackBetter”

ProsperUS: “When Pres. Biden signs the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, our country will move closer to challenging decades of failed economic policies that have benefited the rich and powerful at the expense of everybody else. But this is only a partial victory. Congress must pass and the President must sign the Build Back Better Act, which will deliver historic investments to deeply neglected sectors of our economy, from climate resilience to jobs, health care, and child care. Together, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Act will set us on the path to a healthier, more prosperous economy that works for all of us.”

The American Clean Power Association: “The American Clean Power Association applauds President Biden and bipartisan Congressional leaders for making a historic and long overdue investment in America’s infrastructure. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a major victory for Americans that will make unprecedented investments to modernize and enhance the nation’s electrical grid and provide consumers with more opportunities to receive reliable, zero-carbon electricity across the country. An overwhelming majority of voters — 93% — believe that clean energy is important to the country’s energy future, and the bipartisan support for this legislation is a powerful example of what we can get done for American clean power when our leaders come together.”

Opportunity Wisconsin: “By signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law today, President Biden is fulfilling his promise to Wisconsinites to repair our roads and bridges, increase access to broadband, ensure clean drinking water for all communities, and so much more. We applaud the President for delivering on this critical piece of legislation and continue to strongly urge Senator Ron Johnson, who voted ‘no’ on the bill, to stop opposing legislation that benefits the people of Wisconsin.”

Florida Watch: “Once again, President Biden has delivered on his promise to ‘Build Back Better’ with today’s signing of the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This bipartisan legislation delivers billions of dollars to repair and upgrade Florida’s roads and bridges, improve public transportation throughout the state, and ensure access to clean, safe drinking water for every Floridian by replacing outdated lead pipes. These investments will be game changers for the future of Florida by putting in place the critical infrastructure our state needs to succeed for generations to come.”

Progress Iowa: “Today, Iowans can look toward a brighter future as investments in broadband, roads, bridges and more are officially coming to Iowa. The bi-partisan infrastructure bill signed into law this afternoon will bring about $5 billion worth of improvements to our state. […] With expansions to public education, health coverage and investments in fighting the climate crisis, Build Back Better is their opportunity to work for families rather than billionaires and corporations. Iowans won’t forget this significant decision, putting their personal political agenda ahead of improving our lives.”

US Green Building Council: “USGBC congratulates President Joe Biden and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle who worked tirelessly to pass the infrastructure bill. We applaud the bipartisan work that went into getting this legislation signed into law. The bill will make critical investments to our nation’s infrastructure, including buildings, and provide billions of dollars in funding to improve schools, airports and federal buildings. […] It is important that Congress finish the job by passing the budget reconciliation package that contains broader investments to help green our buildings, including expanded tax incentives for energy efficient homes and buildings, larger investments in sustainable and affordable housing, and more funding for public building improvements.”

American Nuclear Society: “We applaud provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (H.R. 3684), passed by Congress and signed by President Biden, which seek to assist our existing nuclear power plants and commercialize advanced nuclear reactor designs. This is a step towards realizing our clean energy future. The bill provides $6 billion in U.S. Department of Energy funding to support nuclear facilities that are under economic threat of premature closures because of flawed markets. The bill also appropriates $2.4 billion of vital funding for microreactors, small modular reactors, and advanced reactors and authorizes an additional $3.2 billion through 2027. With this support, the U.S. nuclear community – of utilities, suppliers, scientists, and engineers — stands ready to usher in a new generation of technology to decarbonize and keep resilient our electric grid.”

People for the American Way: “Today, we are pleased to see President Biden sign vital legislation which will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the lives of millions of Americans around the country. This infrastructure bill, which was passed with bipartisan support, will subsidize much-needed public works projects, including the expansion of broadband internet and public utilities access, in addition to bringing about much-needed improvements to our bridges and roads. We now look forward to seeing the House and Senate pass President Biden’s critically important Build Back Better agenda for addressing the existential threat of climate change as well as bolstering the country’s social safety net.”

Advancing Arizona: “President Biden today signed into law a much-needed investment in our infrastructure that will make Arizona safer and healthier, ensure our businesses stay competitive and protect some of our most cherished places. Senator Mark Kelly was pivotal in getting the infrastructure deal across the finish line and Arizonans will start seeing the benefits right away.”

Mi Familia Vota: “So, the bill is about to pass, but what does it entail? See how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will impact the states that MFV has a presence 💯 #prioridades #infrastructurebill #az #ca #co #fl #jobs #transportation #roads #transportation #internetforall #cleanwater”

Green Latinos: “Today’s historic Infrastructure Bill is a huge investment in #cleantransportation and a Step Forward in Fighting #ClimateChange, Now #Congress Must Honor their Agreement and Pass the FULL #BuildBackBetter Act.”

National Domestic Workers Alliance: “IT’S OFFICIAL
@POTUS signed the bipartisan infrastructure deal into law! This investment in roads, bridges, high-speed internet, & more will make it easier for many to return to work. ‘
But now, Congress must finish the job & pass the #BuildBackBetter bill to invest in care.

Third Way: “Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: Signed 
Next up: The Build Back Better Act 
Congratulations to the Biden-Harris Administration on this historic achievement!”

Clean Energy for America: “BREAKING: @POTUS signed the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law—making a once-in-a-generation investment in our climate & economy. If we’re to realize the gains, Congress must also pass the #BuildBackBetter Act with big & bold investments in #CleanEnergy now!”

Workers Defense Project: “It’s official, folks: Millions of construction jobs will be created now that @POTUS has signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. 
Now we fight to ensure higher standards on these construction projects in an industry that exploits the labor of immigrant workers.”

National Partnership for New Americans: “Bipartisan Infrastructure deal signed into law by @POTUS! The law includes much needed funding for transportation, broadband & utilities that will help modernize the economy to benefit all! Now, Congress must act now to pass the #BuildBackBetter act with a pathway to citizenship!”