NEW ADS: Building Back Together Launches First Storyteller Digital Ad Campaign Uplifting Small Business Owners & Their Support for the Biden-Harris Agenda


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NEW ADS: Building Back Together Launches First Storyteller Digital Ad Campaign Uplifting Small Business Owners & Their Support for the Biden-Harris Agenda


New six-figure digital ad campaign will run in Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida 

Florida ads will run in English and Spanish


Washington, D.C. — For its first-ever multi-state storyteller campaign, Building Back Together is making a six-figure investment on digital platforms across key states to uplift the stories of small business owners and highlight the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to support small businesses, from the American Rescue Plan to the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan.

“Building Back Together is elevating the voices of small business owners to make the case for the Build Back Better agenda. We’re hearing from real Americans across the country why the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan are the historic investments our communities need — for our small businesses, for our workers, and for our families,” said Building Back Together Executive Director Danielle Melfi. 

The 30-second digital testimonial ads begin running this week to targeted audiences in Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia. Additionally, 15-second ads will run in Spanish and English to Latino audiences in Florida. 

According to recent polling from Small Business for America’s Future, the vast majority of small business owners support investments in affordable care for seniors and people with disabilities, more jobs and better wages for caregivers, paid leave, and more affordable childcare. President Biden’s plans to make America’s tax system fairer will safeguard small businesses so that 98 percent won’t see any tax increases under his plan.

The ads detail the impact of the American Rescue Plan, the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan on the everyday lives of small business owners in communities across the country. Through the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan, the Biden-Harris Administration will build on the success of the American Rescue Plan to reinvest in the future of the American economy and American workers by creating millions of good-paying jobs and investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, childcare, and more. 

Watch Building Back Together’s first storyteller digital ads:


In Wisconsin, Kriss runs a bed and breakfast in a small village, which has become an economic engine for the whole town. She sees infrastructure like broadband, and care infrastructure like childcare as essential to allow rural families to pivot and explore different ways of making their farms viable: “Small businesses are the lifeline of these small rural towns but we need internet, childcare, and health.” 


In Nevada, Regina, an immigrant from Mexico City, opened her restaurant about 3 years ago. She kept employees on payroll and kept her business running during the pandemic through a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Many of her employees are single moms that depend on childcare to work — that’s why she supports the American Families Plan. Her restaurant is now fully reopened and credits President Biden for his quick action to ramp up vaccine distribution: “As a small business we are investing in this country, and we want our government to invest in us.” 


In Pennsylvania, Tony was able to use Paycheck Protection Program loans to increase his employee’s base salaries to make up for lost tips. He also offered free lunches to any school-aged children to fill the gap before school lunches resumed: “Investing in working families, putting people to work and fixing our roads makes a strong economy.” 


In North Carolina, Bonnie seized an opportunity to open a restaurant after her husband lost his job as a restaurant manager during the pandemic. Now they are betting everything on a national recovery, and they know it will require vaccinations, jobs, and basic care infrastructure like childcare, paid leave, and early childhood education to help their employees make a career out of their jobs in her restaurant: “Our employees can’t work without childcare, the American Families Plan was made for them. It would cut the cost of childcare by more than half for many families.” 


In Georgia, Neal and his brother co-own a family restaurant that saw a 75% downturn in business amidst the pandemic and had to reduce staff. “When COVID hit, we had to completely adapt,” the brothers and co-owners said. In a conversation with President Biden, the pair expressed gratitude for the American Rescue Plan’s support of their small business, as well as its support for increased vaccinations.

WATCH FLORIDA AD (English & Spanish):

In Florida, Natascha, a Puerto Rican small business owner, says the American Jobs plan “shows that the administration is not only talking and saying, but they are doing.” And Micheal, a Cuban American from Florida, also supports the American Jobs Plan because “it provides the opportunity to open new businesses.” 

About Building Back Together:

With leadership in the White House and Congress that shares our values, we have a critical opportunity to advance a progressive agenda. But we know that it will take smart advocacy to build the case for these policies. Building Back Together — a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit focused on advancing progressive policies in the Build Back Better agenda — was formed to get the job done, by creating winning campaign coalitions to achieve our goals and growing public support for our agenda.

Our name is intentional: we can’t do this work alone. We’ll partner with organizations to achieve policy successes and work together to communicate with the American people about how the Build Back Better agenda is changing lives in communities across the country.

The team at Building Back Together will: 

  • Convene progressive organizations to partner on coordinated campaigns at the local, state and national level
  • Create usable resources like message research, guidance and tools
  • Invest in innovative digital strategies and partnerships
  • Develop effective advertising campaigns 

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