New Ad: Building Back Together Launches Seven-figure Tv Campaign As President Biden Returns To Scranton To Highlight Agenda

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Ad to air in Scranton and Philadelphia, PA, along with AZ, GA, NH, NV and DC as President Biden returns to hometown to emphasize need to build economy that puts working and middle class families first

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Washington, D.C. — This week, Building Back Together is launching a new, seven-figure ad campaign to highlight President Joe Biden’s agenda to build an economy that delivers for working people as he returns to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, to rally support around the Build Back Better Agenda and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.

The 30-second television ad will air on broadcast and cable TV in Scranton and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., along with select markets in Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The new ad highlights that President Biden is on the side of working Americans and emphasizes his Build Back Better agenda and commitment to “lowering the cost for health care and prescriptions,” and “rebuild our roads and bridges,” while “working with both parties.” 

The President first unveiled the initial plans of the Build Back Better Agenda during a speech in Scranton last summer, and has continued to emphasize how his agenda would deliver for families on Main Street in communities like Scranton, rather than for executives on Park Avenue. 

“President Biden is delivering on his promise of building an economy that rewards work, not wealth, and is making his case directly to the American people to rally support for his Build Back Better Agenda in his hometown of Scranton,” said Building Back Together Executive Director Danielle Melfi. “From the time he first announced these plans in Scranton, to the fight he’s leading today in Congress, the President’s agenda has always centered on the needs of working people. He’s going to rebuild our economy so that it puts working and middle class families first by lowering costs, creating good-paying jobs and investing in our nation’s infrastructure.”

The ad comes on the heels of Building Back Together’s nearly $15 million in spending so far to boost the Build Back Better Agenda. As reported by Axios, progressive groups led by Building Back Together have outspent opponents of the President’s agenda by a nearly two-to-one ratio since September. In aggregate, the Build Back Better War Room — composed of dozens of progressive organizations and led by Building Back Together — has coordinated more than $150 million in paid media and on-the-ground organizing to ensure the President’s full agenda is signed into law.

Polling has consistently shown the deep popularity of the President’s agenda, and research commissioned by Building Back Together has shown that Members of Congress who back the agenda see a 17-point boost in support in battleground states and House districts.