ICYMI: House Republicans Want Cuts To Social Security And Medicare

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Since House Republicans came into the majority, they’ve put forth a lengthy list of deeply unpopular, misguided policies – including a nationwide abortion ban – but their latest is one of the most painful for middle class families: cuts to Medicare and Social Security. 

Millions of workers have paid into these essential programs since the beginning of their careers. But that doesn’t matter to the House GOP. They don’t care that working families need these programs, because they don’t care about working families. They’d rather open up tax loopholes for big corporations and the ultra wealthy than pass legislation to lower costs for the middle class. 

President Biden has made it clear: he stands with America’s workers and will veto any cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

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Washington Post: House GOP eyes Social Security, Medicare amid spending battle

House Republicans have started to weigh a series of legislative proposals targeting Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs, part of a broader campaign to slash federal spending that could force the new majority to grapple with some of the most difficult and delicate issues in American politics.

Insider: Republicans’ plans to slash Social Security and Medicare are becoming clearer: ‘We have no choice but to make hard decisions’

Although Republicans have been vague about the budgetary cuts they want in recent months, it’s becoming clearer that Social Security and Medicare are among their major targets, even as both programs are extremely popular among Americans. 

Reuters: Republican House Conservatives Threaten Debt Limit Default to Cut Social Programs

At some point in 2023 Congress will need to address the debt limit and several leading GOP House members are threatening to block an increase to force cuts to Medicare and Social Security spending.

FOX News: Republicans eye using debt limit hike to overhaul entitlement programs if entrusted with majority

Given the politically volatile nature of the issue, Republicans are treading carefully. Some have proposed raising the retirement age for both Medicare and Social Security. Currently, the age of eligibility for Medicare is 65, while for Social Security the age is either 66 or 67 depending on whether you were born before or after 1954. 

New York Times: Republicans, Eyeing Majority, Float Changes to Social Security and Medicare

[Several] influential Republicans have signaled a new willingness to push for Medicare and Social Security spending cuts as part of future budget negotiations with President Biden. Their ideas include raising the age for collecting Social Security benefits to 70 from 67 and requiring many older Americans to pay higher premiums for their health coverage.