ICYMI: Gov Wolf And WH Infrastructure Coordinator Landrieu Discuss Impact of Infrastructure Law In PA On BBT Press Call

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2022
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, on the anniversary of President Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu joined a press call hosted by Building Back Together to discuss the positive impact of this law in Pennsylvania. In the last year, $8 billion in funding has already been approved for 150 infrastructure projects statewide — with more on the way.

In the year since President Biden signed this historic legislation, projects have gotten underway across the country to rebuild and modernize infrastructure, improve roads and bridges, replace lead pipes to provide clean water, expand access to affordable high-speed internet, fix supply chains to lower costs, and create good-paying union jobs that don’t require a college degree. On the call, Governor Wolf underscored the importance of this legislation for Pennsylvanians, calling it a “game changer,” and Landrieu emphasized the ongoing cooperation between federal, state, and local officials to deliver critical funding to the ground.

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FOX 43: Governor Wolf highlights $7.9 billion infrastructure investment in Pa.

“This infrastructure investment is really an investment in people. It’s an investment in safe travels to work, family, and friends; an investment in a secure supply chain, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe,” said Gov. Wolf. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed by President Biden in 2021 was the largest federal investment in infrastructure in decades. 

FOX 56: Wolf, Biden Administration tout infrastructure law on one year anniversary

The Biden Administration says as of Tuesday (11/15), $7.9 billion has been invested in Pennsylvania to repair and replace such things as roads and bridges throughout the state, expanding and lowering the costs of broadband and internet, repairing water systems, removing lead from the water, among others.

Governor Tom Wolf is crediting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for the money to do these projects, which President Biden signed into law a year ago.

PennLive: Bridges, broadband and brownfields: Infrastructure law has been ‘game changer’ for Gov. Wolf

“Because of the funding available to us through this law, we were able to direct $25.3 million dollars in federal funding very quickly to speed up this project even more and get this bridge back to work,” Wolf said. “This is the power of federal infrastructure investments.”

“We’ve got to get this money down to the ground quickly,” said Mitch Landrieu, the White House Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator. “We’re going to go fast, but we’re going to get it right.”

New Castle News: ‘Race’ to fix Pa.’s aging infrastructure aided by critical infrastructure law

The ongoing replacement of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh is among bridge and highway projects already granted a combined $5.2 billion. The total funding will address needs along 7,540 miles of highway and 3,353 bridges, according to a White House fact sheet. 


According to the governor, the bridge is on pace to reopen before the year’s end.

“This is the power of federal infrastructure investments,” Wolf said.

“That is really a great example of how you pull together on the state, federal and local level,” Landrieu said.

CBS 21: Gov. Wolf celebrates Bipartisan Infrastructure Law anniversary

Gov. Wolf called the bill a gamechanger, adding that communities need to know they can rely on safe bridges and roads.

“Like every other state, Pennsylvania is in a race against time to repair our aging infrastructure and obviously the problem is not unique to Pennsylvania,” Gov. Wolf said. “It’s something that every state all around the country has and is facing but we’ve got to figure out how to solve the problem.”