FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: What Candidate Joe Biden Said, President Joe Biden Does


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MEMO: What Candidate Joe Biden Said, President Joe Biden Does

One year since announcing Build Back Better Agenda, POTUS is delivering on campaign promises to address the core crises he set out to tackle: COVID, Economy, Climate, Care, and Equity

Washington, D.C. — One year ago today, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden released his Build Back Better Agenda, with a promise to address the core crises laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic. He knew then that bold action was necessary to combat not only the COVID-19 crisis, but the other critical crises facing Americans that have for too long been ignored: the economic crisis, the climate crisis, the care crisis, and the racial equity crisis.

President Biden rolled up his sleeves and got to work: from taking on the COVID-19 crisis, to delivering the American Rescue Plan, to negotiating a historic bipartisan infrastructure deal, to launching a full-scale campaign — with the support of organizations like Building Back Together — to finish the job on the Build Back Better Agenda, and so much more.

These plans are a blue-collar blueprint for America’s middle class that will reward work, not wealth. Together, they will help us rebuild America by investing directly in the American people and, finally, cutting everyone in on the deal.

POTUS is a man of his word. He promised to deliver for Americans, and his Administration is doing just that.

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