BBT Announces Six-figure Ad Campaign Celebrating President Biden’s Wins for Latino Families During Hispanic Heritage Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2022
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Six-figure campaign communicates positive impact of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and other policies for Latino communities in NV, PA, WI

WASHINGTON, D.C. Building Back Together is announcing a six-figure ad campaign in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by uplifting the ways President Biden has delivered for Latino families – including by signing the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs and create jobs, investing in Latino small businesses, and more. Under President Biden’s leadership, Latino families across the country are getting relief from higher prices, we’ve seen record job growth nationwide, the unemployment rate for Latinos has fallen from 8.6% in January 2021 to 4.5% in August 2022, and over $2.7 billion in loans has been delivered to help Latino-owned small businesses.

BBT’s new ads celebrate President Biden delivering these historic wins and more for Latinos. The campaign includes digital ads in English and radio ads in Spanish touting the positive impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and other achievements that have lowered costs and created jobs for the Latino community.

Watch “Stronger Than Ever” here:

“Since day one, the needs and priorities of Latino communities have been at the forefront of President Biden’s policy agenda,” said Building Back Together Chief Strategy Officer Mayra Macías. “And he’s delivered – signing the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs and ease the burden of inflation for working families, erasing student debt for 1 in 3 Latino borrowers and significantly reducing it for millions more, creating millions of good-paying jobs, and providing resources and support to Latino small business owners. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, President Biden knows there’s more work to do. He remains committed to continuing to lower costs and deliver economic opportunity for Latinos across the country.”

This ad campaign builds on more than $35 million in spending to date from Building Back Together highlighting the positive impacts of President Biden’s agenda. Recently, BBT launched a major campaign celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and a campaign uplifting President Biden’s student loan debt relief, both featuring tailored messaging for Latino communities. This summer, BBT launched campaigns highlighting the president’s work to deliver the most significant, bipartisan gun safety legislation in decades, and how President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is securing clean drinking water and investing in public transportation in communities across the country.

Transcript of “Stronger Than Ever”:

Thanks to President Biden, our community is stronger than ever.

He signed the Inflation Reduction Act, and now 80 percent of uninsured Latinos will have access to quality, affordable health care, and our families will see lower prescription drug prices.

Gas prices? They’re going down day after day.

And President Biden took historic action – erasing student debt for nearly half of Latino borrowers.

President Biden is building a better America by creating a fairer economy for Latino families.