BBT Announces Six-Figure Ad Campaign Highlighting Biden-Harris Admin Delivering For Puerto Rico

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Six-figure digital ad campaign in Spanish and English communicates to Puerto Rican audiences in PA and FL

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Building Back Together is announcing a six-figure ad campaign highlighting the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic investments to support storm recovery and strengthen infrastructure in Puerto Rico — including a $60 million investment to shore up levees and floodwalls, build a more reliable power grid, and create a new flood warning system on the island. This funding is in addition to nearly $700 million in infrastructure investments for Puerto Rico since President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – with even more funding on the way. BBT’s new digital ads will air in English and Spanish in Florida and Pennsylvania, with a focus on reaching Puerto Rican communities.

“As President Biden told residents during his visit to the island, he and his administration will always stand with Puerto Rico – through this storm and in the future — as the island rebuilds stronger than before,” said Building Back Together Chief Strategy Officer Mayra Macías. “The Biden-Harris Administration has been on the ground supporting storm response since before Hurricane Fiona made landfall, and President Biden made clear that they will be there until the recovery process is finished. The president is committed to helping the people of Puerto Rico build back stronger – not only ensuring that residents have shelter, food, water, and other necessities in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, but that their infrastructure is stronger and more reliable for decades to come.”

Transcript of “Committed”:

Puerto Rico is a strong place, and Puerto Ricans are a strong people.

Through these disasters, somehow, the people of Puerto Rico keep getting back up with resilience and determination.

And you deserve every bit of help your country can give you.

That’s what I’m determined to do and that’s what I promise you.

The federal government will cover 100% of the cost to clear debris and continue to shelter people.

The federal government is going to provide individual assistance for up to $37,900 for essential home repair, and another $37,900 for lost property.

My administration is also providing financial assistance to help families and individuals right away…it can help take care of some of the little basics while we catch your breath and get back on your feet.

And as we rebuild, we have to ensure that we build to last.

I want the people of Puerto Rico to know I’m committed, my entire administration is committed, to standing with you every step of the way, as long as it takes.

I want to say it again: we are not leaving here as long as I’m president, until everything, I mean this sincerely, until every single thing we can do is done.

Transcript of “Comprometido”:

Puerto Rico es una isla fuerte

Y los puertorriqueños son gente fuerte

Después de estos desastres,

Puerto Rico se levanta cada vez con resiliencia y determinación

“You deserve every bit of help your country can give you…

And that’s what I promise you.”

Esto es lo que promete el presidente Biden:

El gobierno federal cubrirá 100% del costo para limpiar los escombros y continuará albergando a personas.

El gobierno federal va a proveer asistencia de hasta $37,000 para individuos para reparos esenciales de casa

Y otros $37,900 de asistencia para los daños de propiedad.

La administración de Biden está brindando asistencia financiera para ayudar a familias e individuos inmediatamente.

Y mientras reconstruimos,

Tenemos que asegurarnos de que lo que construimos dure.

Biden quiere que la gente de Puerto Rico sepa que está comprometido a estar con los puertorriqueños en cada paso del camino,

Mientras sea necesario.

“We are not leaving here, as long as I’m presidente, until every single thing that we can do is done.”