Latino Always On

The Latino community is incredibly diverse, made up of people from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Latinos are an important part of the fabric of the United States and have made significant contributions to this country in every sector. That’s why President Biden placed Latinos at the center of his administration’s agenda. 

Through our Latino Always On Program, Building Back Together is reaching Latinos year-round with a culturally competent, ongoing outreach strategy. In partnership with local and national Latino organizations, we are building support for the Biden-Harris Administration’s policy agenda and communicating to Latinos across the country how President Biden’s agenda is delivering for their communities. 


How We’re Making Progress

We are engaging Latinos in the political process, elevating their voices, and communicating with Latino families about the positive, real-world impacts of the Biden-Harris Administration’s policy agenda on their everyday lives. We are telling the stories of Latinos who have benefited from President Biden’s policies, such as the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and highlighting how his Administration will continue to prioritize the Latino community. 


Our Tactics

Building Back Together is building support for the President’s agenda and the positive, direct impact it has had and will continue to have on the Latino community by:

  • Partnering with Latino-led organizations, firms, and diverse talent
  • Listening to, and communicating with, Latino families on the airwaves and on digital platforms in a culturally competent way in both English and Spanish
  • Investing in innovative digital strategies and advertising campaigns to reach Latinos where they are at 
  • Developing message guidance and resources specifically catered to Latinos


For Spanish language resources, click HERE