From day one,  President Biden got to work taking on the pandemic by passing the American Rescue Plan, which has delivered direct relief to working families, helped small businesses keep their doors open and workers on payroll, and launched an unprecedented vaccination campaign that has ensured Americans can safely return to work and school.

President Biden also signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in November 2021, delivering a historic win for the American people by breaking through the gridlock in Washington and getting results for everyday Americans. This legislation makes historic investments in our nation’s infrastructure that will boost economic growth, create millions of good-paying jobs, bring supply chains back to the U.S. to lower costs for everyday Americans, and make our country more competitive so that America is positioned to win the race for the 21st century.


  • Ensured we have the tools to keep Americans safe, including vaccinations, boosters, treatments, tests, high-quality masks, and improved ventilation. Now, more than 200 million Americans are vaccinated. 
  • Delivered immediate economic relief to tens of millions of Americans and small businesses across the country, helping families stay afloat, businesses keep their doors open, and workers on the job. 
  • Laid the foundation for a historic economic recovery that has seen more than 8.7 million jobs created and the strongest economic growth in nearly four decades.


  • Boosts economic growth and creates millions of good-paying jobs, brings supply chains back to the U.S., and makes our country more competitive so that we are positioned to win the race for the 21st century.
  • Delivers the largest-ever federal investments in public transit and clean drinking water, in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak, in bridges since the construction of the highway system, and creates universal high-speed internet access for American households.
  • Creates good-paying union jobs by fixing roads and bridges, replacing dangerous lead pipes to ensure our kids have clean drinking water, modernizing our electric grid, and making the largest investment in electric vehicle infrastructure in American history.
  • Levels the playing field and creates economic opportunity for working people and communities of color by addressing economic disparities and rectifying decades of disinvestment.


  • Lowers prescription drug costs:
    • Caps out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at $2,000 for Medicare beneficiaries.
    • Caps the out-of-pocket monthly cost of insulin at $35 for Medicare beneficiaries.
    • Lowers prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of high-cost drugs and requiring drug companies to pay rebates when they raise prices faster than inflation.
  • Lowers health care costs and expands access to health care by lowering monthly premiums for millions of families.
  • Lowers energy costs while creating millions of clean energy jobs and tackling the climate crisis:
    • The Inflation Reduction Act will save the average family $300 a year on their energy bills. 
    • The Inflation Reduction Act has been estimated to create more than 9 million jobs over the next decade.
    • The Inflation Reduction Act will help the U.S. reduce climate pollution by over 40% by 2030 while delivering billions of dollars to disadvantaged communities to address the disproportionate environmental and public health problems these communities face.
  • Ensures big corporations pay their fair share of taxes:
    • Ensuring the ultra-wealthy and large corporations pay the taxes they owe.
    • Cracking down on big corporations that pay $0 in federal income taxes.
    • Instituting a 1% charge on corporate stock buybacks. 


Since taking office the Biden-Harris Administration has made historic progress for the American people.

Economic Progress

Progress on COVID-19

American Rescue Plan

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law


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